5 Late Night Places To Eat & Drink In London

London at Night

Posted 01/02/16
By Koray Hussein


Ever found yourself hankerin’ for something to eat at 1am whilst out on an extra long night? Me too. So here are five places to grab some food in London after midnight.

Oh and don’t expect to see Polo Bar on here… I’m not a fan.

Beigel Bake

Beigel Bake

Here’s the thing… Every Londoner knows about Beigel BakeI know you know about Beigel Bake. And you know that I know that you know about Beigel Bake yet I have to include it in this list because… well, it’s Beigel Bake! I have to put it on this list. The guys over at Brick Lane’s “white signed beigel shop” have been serving up delicious beigels to late night Londoners for decades now and show no sign of slowing down at all. There’s a reason hese guys are famous and almost always have a queue out the door.

What to order: Bagel/Beigel




Now I know I might have been a little harsh on Vingt-Quatre in my review and that review alone may be enough reason for me to leave VQ off of this list all together but, as I stated in the full piece, when they get it right, they get it right. I’ll always head back to VQ and yes, sometimes I’m disappointed, but other times I’ll chow down on an absolutely unbeatable English breakfast.

What to order: English Breakfast




The Farringdon branch of Tinseltown offers up American style dining well past midnight (3am on Sundays, 4am the rest) but the food isn’t the reason I’ve added Tinseltown to this list. Don’t get me wrong, their burgers, burritos and hotdogs are all perfectly acceptable (the steaks on the other hand…) and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve ended my day with one of their Deli burgers and their (surprisingly nice) fries but, when you visit Tinseltown, it should be for their milkshakes.

Whilst it’s hard to find a burger place in London now without an assortment of milkshakes on their menu, Tinseltown is the place that started the milkshake craze in London with a massive selection ranging from the mundane chocolate, vanilla and strawberry all the way up to Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and even Skittles… yeah, stay clear of that one.

What to order: Milkshake


Umut 2000

Umut 2000

How happy am I that my favourite place to eat in all of London closes it’s doors at 2am? Very happy. As a Turkish Cypriot, I take my kebabs seriously which means it’s not unusual to see my friends and I rock up to Umut 2000 at gone 1am to devour a hearty portion of lamb shish even though we’ll be driving past God knows how many other kebab places on the way.

Trust me on this one. If you’re hungry and you’re up for heading into Stoke Newington at 1am then make your way to Umut 2000. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

What to order: Lamb Shish Wrap




Yes, that hippodrome. I saved this place for last, not because they’re the best (that would go to Umut) but because it shocked the shit out of me that Leicester Square’s Hippodrome serve up some pretty damn tasty buffalo wings (on the menu as Hot Wings) and at £5.25 for ten wings, they’re not too expensive either.

Now, don’t go in here thinking you’ll be getting Orange Buffalo or CHUCK Burger Bar level wings because they are the best in the city. Just see it as a nice alternative to the Burger King and KFC that most up Leicester Square on a late night people flock to.

What To Order: Hot Wings.



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