Posted 10/12/15
By Esin Huseyin

I’m slightly ashamed of myself for discovering this place so late in my life, but similar to Koray below, I’m pretty sure my bank balance is glad that we hadn’t met. I know Koray has already explored the sorbet offerings, but seriously, the gelato…the bloody gelato.

Now, you may think it’s strange that during these cold winter months, I look forward to ending my night at this place. I have genuinely said no to a three course meal, just so that I can sample the sweet delights of Amorino.

The prices are ridiculously reasonable, with a regular size cone only costing you a mere £4 – stay with me here, you’ll see why it’s reasonable – as they layer the cone with over 4+ flavours.

They decorate the cone to make it look a flower, you may see something a little rude if you’re immature, and not only does it make a great Instagram photo – come on people, we run a food blog. Aesthetics are everything.

The first time I went, I was taken by a friend who grinned form ear-to-ear of the great service, choice, and taste. I didn’t quite believe him, but when I asked how many flavours I could have, the woman behind the desk said “As many as you want”. Damn straight I asked for 5 – salted caramel, milk chocolate, hazlenut chocolate, cinnamon and strawberry.

The lady who worked there proceeded to tell me that the cinnamon flavour can be a little “on the strong side”, so she let me taste a little bit prior to her adding it to my cone. In that moment, I knew that I had become a fan. She genuinely cared about me leaving unsatisfied. She was wrong, I loved it, next challenge please.

After she had created my gargantuan creation, you better believe I couldn’t walk anywhere until I had demolished the majority of this masterpiece. As a person who isn’t afraid to drink from a big 2 litre bottle of water whilst walking, or even eating a huge baguette whilst walking – I had to stand still to eat this beast.

So basically what I’m trying to say is, do your desserts properly and mosey on down to Amorino for pure unadulterated tasty fun.

Posted 17/09/15
By Koray Hussein

If you’ve read my review of Rinkoff Bakery, in Whitechapel (or any of my dessert reviews for that matter) then you’ll know that my sweet tooth is almost nonexistent. Sure, I can appreciate a good bit of chocolate, cake or a crodough (I hate that name) but if given the choice, I’ll go with a sharp, grimace inducing sorbet every single time.

So I guess I can consider myself unlucky (or lucky if you’re factoring in my bank balance) that I never found myself inside Soho’s Amorino whilst I was working in the area as I would definitely have been a regular.

The Amorino in Soho has quite a wide selection of ice creams (although I’m fairly certain that their branch in Covent Garden has an even wider selection) and covers quite a few of the conventional flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and coffee all the way to chocolate sorbet (yes,  you read that right), pistachio and my personal favourite lime and basil.


Like I said, anything sorbet related makes my ears prick up like a hipster in an Apple store, so I didn’t even seriously consider any of the ice-cream pots full of coffee or vanilla.

The chocolate sorbet definitely intrigued me though and I have to say, after trying a small taster, I was really impressed. It tasted like an expensive bar of dark chocolate had been melted down and thrown in the freezer without hardening. The quality was just bursting through. If you’re a fan of dark chocolate then do yourself a favour and at the very least,  sample the chocolate sorbet, you won’t be disappointed… and if you are, then there’s something wrong with you.

I managed to tear myself away from the chocolate sorbet however, as I’d noticed yet another eyebrow raising flavour; the aforementioned, lime and basil.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of tasting those two flavours at the same time. It’s like trying to imagine what fried egg and apricot jam would taste like, although I’m pretty sure that’d be terrible. Okay, bad example… but you (hopefully) get what I’m trying to say.

Even as I raised the the cold sorbet up to my lips the smell of lime had completely taken over leaving no hint of the basil. This continued with my first bite, even making me think for a split second that the basil in the name was just a way of sounding fancy and didn’t actually impact the fla – HOLY SHIT THE BASIL!  Almost as if offended by my doubt the basil flavour shoved its way on to my tongue and did a little “Sod you for doubting me” dance. It complimented the lime abso-bloody-lutely perfectly.

There are very few things that can top a good lime sorbet, but a lime and basil sorbet is most definitely one of them.

This may be because I was caught completely unaware by the basil or that I am (as previously stated) a self confessed sorbet fanboy but I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed the first three quarters of an ice cream as much as I did that day at Amorino…

I say the first three quarters because it did grow a little too sharp towards the end and I was struggling to get to the bottom of my cup (There are four sizes. I went for one for the two in the middle, I can’t remember). This could be completely down to me being a wuss but I’d advise going for a smaller than you would initially choose cup as those last couple of bites were pretty difficult.

All in all though, I’m struggling to think of another ice cream that can match up to the lime and basil that I had at Amorino. Yes, it was a bit of a struggle towards the end but seriously, those first three quarters were fucking incredible.

Go to Soho.

Go to Amorino,

Try the chocolate sorbet…

… Then buy the lime and basil.

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  • Sounds wonderful. Totally with you on the sharp over sweet, everytime. Especially in cocktails, but definitely in desserts too.