An Interview With Hannah Adamaszek

Hannah Adamaszek

Posted 18/03/15
By Koray Hussein

If you follow us on Instagram then you may have seen this image pop up on our feed sometime last week:

That stunning piece of art is (at the moment anyway) on display in London’s world famous Leake Street Tunnel and was created by Hannah Adamaszek, a street artist from this very city. We reached out to Hannah and asked her if she’d be interested in a short interview for the site. Luckily for us she said yes, so without further delay, scroll down for out little chat with the very talented Hannah Adamaszek.


Hannah Adamaszek


Koray Hussein: Let’s get straight into it, and ask the question that most people would love to hear answered… What was it that first drew you into street art?
Hannah Adamaszek: I started painting initially on canvas and was enjoying painting bigger and bigger. The only way for me to paint on a larger scale than I already was, was to go outside, so this was how I ended up painting in the streets. The pieces outside I paint much quicker than on canvas, and I often try out new things which I then transfer to canvas.

KH: You’ve been featured in exhibits from Europe to Australia, how was it having your work on display in other countries? Was there a culture gap that needed to be crossed?
HA: I love to travel and have worked abroad travelling as much as I can in the past. It just seemed natural to be able to do this with my Art. I prefer to travel with my art, and was lucky enough to have a solo show in Barcelona last year with Fousion Gallery. It’s nice to be able to take little influences from the culture and scenery from places that I visit.

KH: Have your travels influenced your most recent work in any way?
HA: I think they have, but probably something that is quite abstract and personal to me, whether it be a memory or an emotion I try to paint to colours of scenery and the landscapes from places I’ve been to. The sea has been a major influence for me recently.

Hannah Adamaszek

KH: We really love the piece you did in Barcelona. Are there any other parts of the world that you’d like to travel to and put your own stamp on?
HA: There are so many places I would like to visit, at the moment, I would like to go to the mountains as I haven’t been in a while, perhaps in Argentina.

KH: Are there any other street artists whose work you find yourself drawn to?
HA: So many, some of my favourites are Anthony Lister, Phil Blake (Philth), Etam Cru, LucyLucy and Conor Harrington.

KHannah AdamaszekH: What about collaborations? We saw on that you worked on a piece in Hackney with the extremely talented LucyLucy. Are there any other artists you would love to share a canvas with?
HA: Collaborating is a great way to work with different artists, as sometimes it can be a fairly solitary job. It’s a great chance t learn something new and share ideas and techniques. I would love to share a canvas or a wall with Phil Blake (Philth) who I recently painted next to at the Subism X Liquitex event We Create Live.

KH: Street art has been growing in popularity quite rapidly over the past few years and is showing no signs of slowing down. What advice would you give to any aspiring artist that wants to get their hands dirty and follow their dreams?
HA: Just to get out there and create. If you work hard enough for something you want you can achieve anything.

KH: Have you got any upcoming projects planned that you would like to share with our readers?
HA: I’m busy painting for a solo show with Curious Duke Gallery in London which is going to happen in July. Its something I’m really excited about doing, we are looking at it as a project and have been working closely together to make it more of an experience than a show.

KH: I’ve never been too good at ending interviews so let’s go with a nice random question… If you were to have a burger named after you, what would be in it?
HA: Haha, that’s probably the best question I’ve ever been asked. It would have to have avocado in it, a bit of chilli and some cheese

KH: It’s been absolutely great having you answer our questions and we’re sure that our readers can’t wait to see your next project. Thank you so much for your time!


Like I said before, we were very lucky that Hannah agreed to sit down with us for this interview. Be sure to follow her work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.