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Posted 29/12/14
By Esin Huseyin

I attended Assaggetti a couple of weeks back, for my birthday, as I was recommended by several people to try it out. I booked without checking the rating on the Zomato app. which was 3.3 by the way, what an error.

In today’s review things might get a little heated as I talk about how my experience.

The restaurant is in prime location, located just down the road from Piccadilly circus – although pretty much shoulder to shoulder with another Italian restaurant. It’s pretty spacious with two floors, only one of which was being used, which did leave the tables being pretty squashed together on this one platform; one of which was my table.

Exposed brick, leather seating booths, and mirrors adorn the walls to give an air of light and space – which is slightly lost in translation, with all of the tables that are crammed in to the tiny room.

Before I talk about the food I would like to talk about the service – although half of my party were late, and yes ridiculously so, there was still some of us who wanted to order drinks and starters. We were generally left to our own devices having to flag down members of staff who seemed irritated when called over to take our order.

When the other half of my party arrived they decided to get the ball rolling and order some mains, as we had already ordered some starters by this point, which is when the waitress walked off and didn’t even bother to ask whether the other half of the table had ordered mains.

It was a Saturday night, we were a big table, you work in the West-End – I get it, I work retail. But, you missed out on a hell of a lot more money because you missed opportunities to plug more drinks.

Now on to the food, here’s what I ordered:

  • Nonna Rosa focaccia
  • Goat’s Cheese Ravioli
  • Chocolate Cake

So obviously the focaccia arrived beautifully presented on a wooden board, it was a pizza that was cut up in to 4 small slices. It was the perfect size for one person and was genuinely quite nice. Enough of the flavours coming through over the cheese, crispy enough because the dough was quite thin – but it still had a softness to it.

I actually ordered a large ravioli, at double the price, because I’m a bit of a pig who can’t sustain herself on 3 pieces of ravioli. When the main arrived it looked absolutely minute in comparison to the spaghetti – but I guess that’s pretty normal. The dough to filling ratio was a little excessively skewed, with the filling being drowned in pasta. I have to be honest and say that you couldn’t even really taste the goats cheese, which was a bit of a shame.

Dessert; the biggest piece of false advertising, ever. I opted for the chocolate cake, and received a brownie. Albeit rich in flavour, doughy enough but with enough bite in it, but it was teeny tiny. I was expecting a slice, not a square.

The slight attitude with service, lack of, and food that was just meh made this a night that I genuinely regretted not looking up reviews first. Rant over, sorry about that, but it needed to be said.

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Have you been here before, what were your thoughts? Do you have any good recommendations for an Italian place, I’m still looking for the perfect one.