Bad Egg


Posted 22/10/15
By Sadie Lee

So last Saturday was pretty sunny and boy did I make the most of it. After strolling aimlessly around Broadway market for an hour or so (like most weekends), I headed to Bad Egg, a recently opened brunch spot in Moorgate. I’d met an old friend who I hadn’t seen for a while to catch up over the bottomless brunch they were ever so keenly offering and wow it really was bottomless!

Over a 2 hour period, for £32.50 you have a choice of Cava, Bloody Mary and Mimosa’s of which you can alternate, this is a big plus as a lot of these boozy brunches I’ve been to offer only one choice of drink for the whole meal and quite frankly, necking eight Bloody Marys in two hours ain’t pretty. Two glasses of Cava in and we were in full brunch swing. Olly was our waiter, who by the way was extremely hungover (his claim, not ours) yet still managed to give us the best service we could have expected, he was fun and as it goes, my friend had a little crush on him!



Anyway, on to the food, choose three dishes each from their super exciting, trendy menu, all reasonably sized. We decided to share six plates to make the most of it, starting with the Nduja, Cheese and Fried Egg Fries, Korean Fried Rib Tips and the Breakfast Taco’s. Fries were on point and man, I ate too many of them! Breakfast Tacos were totally understated, the zing coming through in the salsa and the creaminess of the scrambled egg was delicious. The only disappointment were the rib tips, the batter was bland and left a floury after taste in your mouth. Switching between Mimosas and Cava and girly chats we chose our final three dishes. After much deliberation we went for the French Toast with Fried Chicken and Maple Syrup, Cheeseburger Hash and the Deep Fried Mac n’ Cheese. The latter was cheesy, creamy and crispy, everything you’d want from a Mac dish. The Cheeseburger Hash, unfortunately did not live up to expectation, love or hate, it had a McDonalds kinda taste to it. And once we got to the French Toast, boy were we full up, but who could resist maple soaked, banana infused perfection? Not me that’s for sure.

All in all, I had a great experience at Bad Egg – I know what you’re all thinking, too much Cava! But seriously, overall the food was flavoursome, colourful and the staff were really friendly. For me that makes a huge difference, so a big thumbs up from us, Bad Egg.