Barbican Conservatory


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Posted 18/02/16
By Rose Crosby
Originally posted on on 08/02/16

What do you do when its a Sunday, Storm Imogen is doing its best to batter London, and you want to feel like you are somewhere tropical for a couple of hours? Visit the Barbican conservatory!

The Barbican conservatory is a hidden haven that boldly sits in the middle of a the large, grey, brutalist building that is the Barbican Centre. The way in which the plants hang and grow from the concrete balconies did remind me of some kind of post-apocalyptic dystopian future, but I think that only added to the interesting setting of the place. The conservatory itself holds over 2000 different plant species as well as some HUGE Koi Carp and is the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday and escape the hustle and bustle of central London.

As well as enjoying the plants you can also have a spot of afternoon tea (and champagne), though you will need to reserve this in advance. I didn’t have any afternoon tea, and sadly I didn’t manage to get a picture of any of the cakes or sandwiches as I didn’t think the people would appreciate me sticking my camera lens in their food! But take my word for it when I say it looked yummy!

The conservatory is free of charge, however it is not open every Sunday so you will need to check dates and times before you visit. You can do that here,