Biju Bubble Tea

Biju Bubbletea

Posted 08/12/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London

I have officially found the best Bubble Tea place in London!! Being Asian meant that we like to drink bubbletea obsessively. I consider it as a novelty drink that’s basically cold milk tea with tapioca pearls. There are heaps of bubbletea places around London, it has exploded in the London scene for a good few years (originated from Taiwan by the way!). I contacted the owner if I could come in to sample their bubbleteas and he was like “yeah come come, bring your friends and family” so I actually did consider bringing my friends but I wanted to take loads of photos without my friend thinking I’m a weirdo with a camera! So I asked a few blogger mates of mine to come hang out and try some yummy bubbleteas (also a great way to meet up with them again). I did give them 1 specific instructions though which was to pee before they arrive as there won’t be a toilet! So when we got there, we congregated around a table and Nick, the founding owner of Biju greeted us.

Biju bubbletea is made fresh to order for every customer from the finest ingredients. Nick has “spent months experimenting with different teas from around the world, tested different milks and selected the top toppings that would make Biju Bubble Tea doubly delicious. A Biju Bubble Tea is always made with fresh organic milk, and tea brewed only after a customer places an order. Once you try Biju we think you’ll agree that it’s quite simply the best Bubble Tea you’ll ever taste.”

You will always see him at the shop and he is hilaarrioous! He shared so many stories that’s happened instore eg tip box thieves, customers with bizarre requests like asking for different sized ice cubes, cup thieves (don’t know why), homeless sleeping instore and so forth!! The team must love working at Biju, so many stories and they seem like one big happy family.

I really liked the layout of the store; as we all know that space will always be minimal and getting a seat can be tricky. The building blocks were so clever in maximising the use of space and it also gives you that inviting feel to Biju that none of the bubbletea places have (usually they would have a bench and a couple of chairs). This concept allows bigger groups to come in and hangout a lil longer (like us). I learnt one tip, you place your thumb on top the straw and then stab in the plastic top! There are common rookie mistakes that people do which is pealing off the plastic or poke it in too lightly which meant explosive spillages!

I lost count as to how many we sampled but my favourite bubbletea was black mousse tea with tapioca pearls and egg caramel pudding! Not to mention, I came back couple of weeks later to curb my craving. Thanks Nick and can’t wait to try another flavour at Biju! May x