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Updated 13/04/15
By Esin Huseyin

You’re all probably thinking; Esin, what else is there to say about a bluddy pub?

Well my friends, please refrain from judging me just yet…For a pub that’s located just off of Bond Street, this pub has really cleared up it’s act. In fact, I’m finding that no matter what time of day I’m always able to grab a seat – I feel like they’ve been a bit more savvy with their seating space.

Grabbing a seat is very important – even more so when your prime objective is to grab a quick drink and nachos. Yes, nachos.

Last time I raved about their cake, and this time I’m kicking the sugar to the curb and embracing all the savoury.

Sometimes after work you’re not quite ready to go home, or you’re only wanting a little nibble of something – nachos, my friends, is the answer. They have various nachos including nachos with pulled pork and BBQ sauce, which might be a little too far.

I have to be honest and say, Bonds, come on guys why be so stingy with the cheese? I genuinely haven’t found one place in London that isn’t stingy on the cheese! Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Other than that the portion size was great and the sauce to chip ratio was perfect. I give this dish a crunch rating of 7.5!

They’ve had a little face lift in Bonds with cleaner toilets and interiors making this a pleasant pub to escape Oxford Street with a little crunch.

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Posted 13/11/14
By Esin Huseyin

We end up spending most of our life at work, so it’s no surprise that we like to end our working day with a quiet drink, on the odd occasion. This pub is literally the staple for many people, and it’s one I keep coming back to and I explain why here.

Just in case you didn’t get the name, Bonds is perfectly nuzzled between Bond Street and Oxford Street, it’s location does create a constant busy atmosphere, but it does also happen to be the perfect spot for an after work tipple.

This pub is airy and spacious, covering 2 floors, and during the day it’s perfect to grab a coffee or tea after a few hours of shopping. But, come the evening it’s absolutely bustling with shoppers, retail workers, and office workers. Oddly, you always manage to be able to grab a table!

There aren’t really any stand out features, if I’m honest, it has the standard interior of most pubs out there. For me, it’s just the location that wins this pub over for me.

Now, I always always always come here for nachos; seriously, absolute tangy spicy perfection, and a great price in comparison to most places in the surrounding area. The food is literally pub food, so you can’t really compare it to previous restaurants I’ve eaten in, but it’s gargantuan portions, so you do really get a lot of bang for your buck.

The interior for this pub is pretty modern, and it does play host to quite a few crowds in the evening. The staff are always quick on their feet and friendly, which does make you feel a bit better when you see the whopping queue at the bar.

For me though, what stands out the most, and what I’ll be talking about, is one of their desserts. I’m not really a sweet person, I’m more of  a savoury but when I fancy sugar, I do it right. So, I always go for their five-layered chocolate cake -yup, five whole layers. It’s also served with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. So much feels.

The portion size is big enough for two people to share, but….yeah, honestly, you won’t want to. The cake is served warm, and it’s moist, and with the sauce…literally mouth watering.

So if you’re ever in the area, pop by for a drink and some nachos, or tea and some cake – you won’t be disappointed. If you are, I’ll finish the rest off.

Do you have any recommendations for great pubs in London? Let me know in the comments below.