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Posted 26/01/15
By Esin Huseyin

Nearly six months on and we finally have an update for you guys, this time round I popped to Bounce for a staff party.

There were games, food, and drink…and this time round Bounce let themselves down in my eyes.

Now, you should all know by now that I adore Bounce. It’s laid back and great fun. But, I saw a side of complete disorganisation last night – and here’s why.

The night was to proceed as follows; drinks, games, pizza. Let’s see how the night unfolded…

When we arrived we were ushered to the bar, of course with any sort of tab there will be a brief wait whilst things get sorted. To make it easier our group had tokens – to help keep track of our drinks.

One half of our group ordered from the bar, but with about 20 odd people, another lady turned up with her iPad to alleviate the congestion. Now, nearing on 30 minutes later, the group who had ordered from the iPad still had no drinks…double the annoyance when everyone at the bar was on their second drink. It’s safe to say we were all feeling a little parched.

Upon chasing them up, they had no clue. Asking for table numbers, which of course we didn’t have because we were just at the bar. Anyways, long story short after a “they’re coming”, 10 or so minutes later they finally arrived. Of course my plain coke was the last.

Funny thing is whilst I was at the bar their staff were sat there smelling drinks trying to figure out which drink was what, worrying considering not everybody drinks alcohol.

I know we were quite a big group, but assigning that much money for a party should have surely resulted in a staff member who if not stayed with us, but at the very least checked on us.

The games were fun; we were split into groups of 5/6 and played various games. Around the world being a particular favourite. Absolute kudos to the game makers, as their mic had a bit of a technical difficulty – resulting in a little bit of improvised shouting to get our attention over the music etc.

During the games the pizzas started coming out, some of which were being left on the side. One of our managers stepped up to try and match each pizza with it’s owner. But it still seemed a little like odd timing.

Generally the pizza received a good reaction, although the goats cheese pizza had a dribble of goats cheese. So, probably don’t order this unless you just want to eat onions.

Now all negative feedback aside, I still love this place. I believe now that Bounce, in my opinion anyways, is suited for a smaller group – so with smaller groups I shall return. It’s a great atmosphere, good value for money, results in a great night out. There’s no hard feelings on my part; until next time!



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Posted 21/08/14
By Esin Huseyin

Considering I’ve just come back from travelling across Thailand, the fact that I’m writing about a ping pong bar is a little…risque. But, fear not, all smut aside Bounce is the new way to socialise.

A restaurant, a cocktail bar, and 17…yes…17 ping pong tables make up Bounce – but more importantly, you can’t help but see and hear the room full of smiles and laughter. If us Londoners do something well, it’s not taking ourselves seriously, and that’s just what I did here.

I didn’t quite know what to expect, from the outside it’s a tiny little door with a luminous sign saying “Bounce”, but when you walk in you come across a huge glass window to reveal the ball-crazy revelers inside.

Considering the prime location of the place, the prices aren’t that bad – or I’ve been living in London for too long. To have a table for 30 minutes it’s only £13.00, which if you think about it, is only a couple of quid more on top of a drink bought in Central London.

Now, to tell you the truth I actually popped in to Bounce a couple of months ago, but after walking past a couple of days ago I suddenly realised I hadn’t posted a review – it’s actually crazy how many people walk past this place, and don’t even know it’s existence.

I was luckily taken here on a date, and when we poked our curious little faces in, it was peak time. It was absolutely rammed, but you know what, we didn’t have to wait for a table – time to get to thrashing! We had a prime table, right next to the bar. Score!

Now I knew I was competitive, but in a dating situation you thought I would have reeled it in…I didn’t. There were balls flying everywhere, crazy moves being made, over-exaggerated “tennis” noises – I would like to say, that in my memory our game was reminiscent of this:

But we all know it wasn’t, to say the least it’s something that we both embarrassingly call upon – still to this day. It however, was one of the funniest nights of my life; it was full of couples, work colleagues, groups of friends all enjoying themselves.

Even when you’ve finished your game, there are little stalls around to perch yourselves on – it was truly fascinating watching some people getting really in to their game, and I mean really. Great place to do a bit of people watching – don’t look at me like that, we all do it.

For such a large space they’ve actually managed to ingeniously break up the space with wall decor and tables, to create a friendly and intimate space. Which is why it’s safe to say that next time I go to a bar, if I don’t get a side of a paddle and ball, I’ll be unhappy.

And if you thought you couldn’t love Bounce any more, then think again; we all wish we could do a little more for charity – well play with some balls to donate some money (sorry guys, there aren’t enough puns in this post). Research has shown that playing ping-pong has a significant impact against the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia – so 95p of your bill is donated to BAT (Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy). Your money is used to buy table tennis equipment and trained staff for care homes.

So what’re you waiting for? Pick up a paddle, and lets go.

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