Chatime Bubbletea


Posted 28/05/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London








Our favourite Chatime bubbletea franchise has opened in Shoreditch! Forget those massive queues in Chinatown Leicester Square; Shoreditch is packed with the hippest restaurants and bars. Chatime (originally from Taiwan) has snapped up a neat spot on Rivington Street to introduce their bubbletea to the East side of London and we decided to head down to check it out. The lovely Ellie from the Young Domestic Goddess invited me to come along and learn all things tea, Chatime and flavours!

I’ve been to many bubbletea places and I will always order the same thing; the classic milk bubbletea with classic black pearls…the standard order for all and is no doubt everyone’s favourite. But why is it that every time I pop in I don’t try anything new? I guess I don’t go very often and the rare times I visit to grab and go a bubbletea; I can never go wrong with my classic milk tea and I know that I would love it. I am sceptical to try any other flavours because I feel certain I will say “I should have ordered the milk bubbletea”. I am glad I visited the Chatime franchise in Shoreditch with Ellie; we learnt so much about the different tea offered; as well as the mousse and fruit options. The owner was there mixing up different teas for us to sample and educate us about the quality of their tea and that the pearls are all made instore! Fact!

We tried the brown rice green tea with pearls and my thoughts were mixed. It was rather bitter as less sugar was added in; therefore you can really taste the bitterness from the green tea with the infused brown rice. It is an acquired taste but I guess it suits well for those who enjoy a bitter tasting tea to cleanse your palette. For someone Chinese like myself; I do love my sugary drinks and for Ellie; as a westerner she absolutely loved it.

Finally I sampled the chocolate mousse tea with pearls – this was unusual and I have never seen this type of bubbletea before so I was eager to try. First thoughts; it did look like a pint of Guinness with the white froth at the top. My thoughts? Is it because I am Chinese and my palette prefers the sweet sugary milk teas? My taste buds just didn’t catch on the chocolate mousse tea; but Ellie however loved it! She loved it so much she wanted to drink mine too! It was interesting to see how everyone has different preferences in taste so I was really glad I had the chance to sample the different flavours. The milk bubbletea will always be my favourite; but I would definitely mix it up in the summer and try as many options I can as they all sound so amazing! As you can see; I got carried away and ended up spilling some bubbletea down my leg and on Ellie’s back; oopsie!! #bubbleteafail

I consider Chatime a social place to go with friends to catch up over bubbletea; or to head over after dinner for some late night sweet beverage if you don’t fancy a pint at the pub. Each to their own; Chatime just offers something different and new to Shoreditch and I am so glad they’ve marked their spot in East London. I’ve seen many passer by looking in with curiosity; I think they are missing out what was about to change their tastebud’s life!

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