Davy's dessert, Canary Wharf

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but one of the nice parts of the months coming up to the event is being able to try out venues, menus, drinks and more in the name of “research”. Last week, my other half and I set up an appointment at Davy’s at Canary Wharf, a quaint little wine bar right on the waterfront between Canary Wharf and Westferry, a stone’s throw away from Big Easy.

Having sat down to discuss the potential options for our event and being very well acquainted with their wine selection (we may or may not have had a fair few bottles of their Malbec, £28, over the last few months), we thought what better way to try and help us make that ever important decision, than trying out some of their food? Plus, what’s better than a relaxed mid-week date night? Then again, you don’t have to ask me twice when there’s food involved!

The menu itself is very ‘British brasserie’ – think cheese boards, fish and chips, burgers and the like – and although not extensive, it’s one of the few menus I feel I would be able to pick something from regardless of my ‘food mood’, which for me, is an achievement!

My fiancé has things easy – he’s got a ‘go to’ menu item for those situations where you haven’t planned to eat out and you’re in a new place. It’ll be a burger of some sort, usually the spicier the better. Enter, the ‘Spicy Hot Burger’ (£13.95).

Davy's beef burger, Canary Wharf

I have to admit, we’ve not had a great burger in a while. Probably since The Craft Beer Co. and while the one at Davy’s was not bad, it also wasn’t great. It was a good burger, don’t get me wrong – just nothing to write home about (and actually it’s only now that I’ve re-read the menu that I realised it had chorizo in it, humph – could have fooled me!). Plus, I think I’m a bit partial to a brioche bun on a burger these days – everyone is doing it, but actually, it rarely works. At the first drop of moisture (like a huge slice of an extremely juicy tomato, in this case), the bun falls apart and you end up holding a beef patty in your bare hands.

On the other hand, my dish was an out and out success. I have to admit I rarely tend to order chicken from a menu, it just doesn’t catch my attention. It didn’t here either, but the sides did! My buttermilk fried chicken (£15.50) came with creamed corn, slaw and chips. Now, you can never go wrong with chips and following my newly found hope for restaurants being able to deliver good slaw, that’s a good start. But, creamed corn? You’ve got me intrigued.

Davy's chicken, Canary Wharf

Verdict: excellent choice. The dish worked – every part of it needed to be there, to make the magnificent whole that it was- and it was a good portion too. What more can a girl want? Dessert of course!

Having had a hit and a miss for our mains, we thought a dessert would be an appropriate tie breaker and in order to give Davy’s the best chance at changing our minds, we went for a trio (£7). It may also have something to do with the fact that the trio of mini desserts was the only one that included a salted caramel choc pot.

Davy's dessert, Canary Wharf

Changed our mind, turns out I’m not a great fan of sticky toffee pudding, but to be fair I didn’t get much of a chance at it anyway – my other half polished it off in about 3 seconds flat. The salted caramel choc pot was absolutely decadent and I can now see why it exists only in a ‘mini dessert form’ and the panna cotta transported me to my childhood.

So it was close, but the desserts won us over – Davy’s is still definitely in the running for the wedding! Watch this space.