Dip & Flip

Dip & Flip

Posted 27/10/14
By Koray Hussein

Yesterday was kind of a weird day. I had a thumping headache through most of it, had my first cigarette in a long time, froze my ass off and I’m pretty sure an old lady cut in front of me when I was in line at Tesco… It wasn’t all bad though; after all, I did eat the best burger I’ve ever had in my entire life yesterday.

First things first, I really didn’t want to do a burger review this week. When I first walked into Dip & Flip, I fully intended to go for their lamb with mint sauce “dip” sandwich over one of their burgers but was swayed after seeing this on the menu:

   Dip & Flip Burger
   Cheeseburger topped with sliced roast beef or lamb, dunked in gravy.

Did you read that? Cheeseburger. Roast lamb… Dunked in gravy.

The first thought that went– no, sprinted through my mind was “Holy shit! I have to put that in my face!” and I fully went with it. I mean, it’s not really your average burger, but I’ll get to the food in a bit.

The actual restaurant itself is pretty damn nice. The low lighting is low enough to be relaxing but not so low that it’s noticeable (I’m looking at you Red Dog Saloon) which just lends itself to a nice comfortable atmosphere. The staff were also warm and pleasant and even the music they had playing was at a good comfortable level…

Right. On to the food.

If the opening paragraph didn’t give it away then I’ll say it again, the Dip & Flip burger was (by quite a distance too) the best damn burger I’ve ever had.

Better than Honest Burgers.

Better than Patty & Bun.

Definitely better than Five Guys.

It was simply incredible. The burger patty was cooked to absolute perfection and the lamb… my God the lamb made the entire thing ten times more enjoyable. It’s a messy beast and I had to get through a fair few number of paper towels whilst eating but it was completely worth it.

The fries were good too. Not on the same level as the burger but still extremely enjoyable; especially when dunked in the small gravy bowl that is provided.

I really can’t praise Dip & Flip enough. I’ll definitely be going again, so will my friends and so should you. The bar just got raised… and it isn’t going to be easy to reach.


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