East Of Eden

East of Eden

Updated 18/03/15
By Maria Derevianko

Inhale. Exhale. I have to remind myself to use my full lungs to breathe in all of life as mine, like the majority of people’s breath is very shallow these days. It is one of the reasons why I love practising yoga.

Which brought me down to Eden of East, a brand new yoga studio in Walthamstow, inspired by two power mum’s Abigail McLachlan and Naomi Costantino who want to share their love of yoga with the community and give back.

The studio is set up in a cobbled muse, with natural day light filling the freshly painted white studio walls that was yet to be fully decorated with draping plants, fairy lights and more candles but it still seems spacious and crisp. With it still smelling like paint and a hint of essential oils from the burning candles, I join the other two seasoned yogi students and our teacher, Naomi on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

I went to the 45 minute Hatha yoga class, which is a steady practice and good for any level. It was quite slow in pace and more traditional in approach, carrying out a set of postures, guided by Naomi to some new age music in the background. The music was quite different, not something I have ever heard in a yoga class before, at some stages it felt like it was too dynamic for the practice when you are trying to hold a posture and focus on your breathing, being upside down but all you want to do is cut some shapes!

Naomi guided me gently and corrected my posture when I was a bit off, which I always appreciate as that is one of the only ways you will learn and grow. Naomi has years of experience and really knows her stuff, so I tried to hold my asana in the position that she put me in for as long as my not-so-bendy back could hold me. I was pleasantly challenged in the class due to being out of practice but felt much more relaxed and stretched at the end of the class, which are some of the amazing benefits of yoga, not to mention what it does to you on many other levels.

There are many different classes which Eden of East offer such as Rocket Yoga, which is pretty dynamic and full on for more advanced students, or intermediate students which would like to take it to the next level. If you are a yoga virgin, you might want to try Vinyasa Flow which is more traditional and another favourite of mine, it is pretty dynamic but if you want to take it more slow then Hatha yoga would be your pick. If you live locally then it is a great and affordable way to get into stretching that skeleton of yours, starting from only £9 a stretch.

I personally would recommend yoga to anybody who want to quieten their minds, alight their bodies so it is balanced both physically and energetically and just generally to relief stress and tension.