Esin #2: Thailand


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Originally Posted 27/08/14
By Esin Huseyin

For those of you that follow me on Twitter & Instagram, you’ll know that I recently undertook a short holiday in Thailand. I travelled my little heart out in those glorious 2 weeks – and I just wanted to share with you some stories of the beautiful country, people and some of the funny/scary moments.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit several locations; Bangkok, Patong Beach, Phuket Town, Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui and Koh Phangnan. So, without further ado, here’s the first installment of Esin’s Thai adventures.

Now, of course this is me, so of course there’s going to be a few adventure stories to tell – but with the sheer volume of days and locations it’ll have to be split in to two parts; oooh the suspense, and just to be awkward I’m going to be working backwards.

So let me set the scene, we had been travelling since the 28th of July, and we hopped on a boat from Koh Samui to Koh Phangnan on the 10th – it’s safe to say we were pretty exhausted. I’m not a great person to be on a boat seeing as I get incredibly seasick, but I bravely popped my suitcase on and waited for our departure – it was pretty funny to see that more and more people were being let on, when it was “no more than 282 people” was printed on the side of the boat. There probably was a good 320 people on here.

45 minutes later we arrive at Koh Phangnan, we find a shared taxi that’s willing to take us to our hotel which is all the way at the North-East part of the island. We’re ducking and diving for 20 minutes in this car, as it navigates the winding roads and hills of the jungle; we see the name of our hotel, SALVATION! But, the taxi was still going – “hey, you’ve gone past our hotel, hey excuse me…”

The taxi pulls over in the middle of no where, there is literally nothing but mud and a few houses, as well as the odd hotel – “you have to get out here, the car can’t drive up that road”. We followed her line of view, and I genuinely can only describe it as a motorcross track; ditches filled with water, mud everywhere, massive bumps. I still have the mud on my suitcase. 10 minutes later we lost the battle, as she begun to remove our suitcases from the taxi.

So, we attempted to carry our suitcases down this long road – I couldn’t do it (damn you chicken arms), so I started wheeling. It took us genuinely 10-15 minutes to navigate this one road, which led on to…you guessed it…another dirt road that genuinely had no civilisation on it.

The sheer volume of how much crap we suddenly were in, dropped, we were in a foreign country, on an island, abandoned in the middle of no where. We found a tiny hotel, who proceeded to tell us that our hotel was “at the end of this road, turn right and then left then walk 15 metres up a hill”. What….

We then decided to walk back on ourselves to ask at the hotel that we walked past before the motocross road – hooray! For a small “fee” (of course)  the security guard set us up with a guy and his 4X4 to get there. We could relax.

Nope, we were wrong. Not only did this guy navigate the dirt track we were on, he turned right and then took the wrong way and took a further right. Again, we were in the middle of no where, but this time we were broken down with no where to go.

Long story short we waited for an hour for one man and his tiny moped to navigate this hill, in an attempt to fix this truck with the tiniest wrench known to man, that should have been in one of those miniature museums. What’s also hilarious is that we had to push-start the truck; 3 girls in their exhausted, “where the hell are we?!” states, helped to push this truck down which rolled down the hill and got caught on a tree – oohhh our suitcases.

We all split up attempting to find help of some kind, we came across private villas which were almost surreal as there was incense left burning, with shoes lying around – but nobody around. I ventured down a nearby hill and came across a house…which ended up having a security dog which chased me right back up the hill. Looks like we’re just sitting and waiting then, doesn’t it.

But, we left one person with the truck and the suitcases, and me and another girl navigated the huge hill we had climbed up on to find some more help – 20 minutes later we came across the original security guy who had helped us. I have never in my entire life felt so elated; “HEEEEEY, HEY WAIT, HELP, PLEASE, YES THEY’RE UP THERE. YES!”

We waited for our truck to come down, which it did, eventually. And, after navigating the steepest hills I have EVER come across, we made it to our hotel. The poor owner was genuinely overjoyed to see us, but all three of us just wanted to be shown to our room. Genuinely, one of the worst experiences of my life.

After we had all calmed down and laid down, we were able to take in the absolutely breath-taking views. We realised how lucky we were to have been helped out, technically, by strangers. No harm had come to us, thank God.

But, I don’t think I’ll be asking to stay in the jungle any time soon.

Just our bluddy luck.





Have you visited Thailand? What adventures did you get up to? Stay tuned for some more stories from my travels, but let us know what you thought in the comments below.