Esin #3: Thailand Part II


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Posted 11/09/14
By Esin Huseyin


Lets be honest, we all knew this was coming, I mean it’s a bit ridiculous to think that I could have summed up two weeks of crazy Thai fun in to one post. Well maybe I could have, but I didn’t want to.

Last week I brought you tales of jungle wanderings, a little less Jungle Book, a little more Jurassic Park. This week I bring you tales of torrential monsoon storms, nearly knocking children out, and jeep safari fun.

So having visited a lot of the islands, when it was the turn of Koh Samui we decided to do things right; we had 6 days that we wanted take advantage of. Of course we wanted to experience the night life and the beautiful beaches, but we also wanted to capture a little of the history and culture.

Seeing as none of us wanted to rent a little moped to go on an adventure, we decided to take part in a jeep safari that would take us around several of the Buddha statues, allow us to go swimming in a waterfall, off-road 4X4, as well as things like Buddha’s Magic Garden. On the morning you’re picked up super early, something like 9am, which after you’ve been out the night before is a ridiculous feat in itself.

You’re picked up in one of the jeeps, and we were off to our first location where we would meet the rest of our group. All in all there was probably about 6 jeeps, all filled to actually a reasonable amount (by Thai standards) – we would soon find out why we weren’t packed in like sardines.

So the day was going beautifully, we had seen several statues, which were so big they genuinely blew my mind. For me, the one that left a lasting impression was the Buddha statue looking down from the top of the mountain. For some, probably an intimidating sight, but for me and many others it was absolutely majestic. It’s genuinely something that I’m struggling to describe.

Half way between driving from the statues to Buddha’s Magic Garden, it started to absolutely chuck it down. I’m not talking about London’s oops-best-get-my-brolly-out drizzle. Oh no, I’m talking full on torrential storms, it was monsoon season after all. They decided to pop the shelters up, we said bye bye to the open top jeeps, but what defeated the object was the fact that the entire sides of the jeeps were open.

Let me set the scene, you’re on the top of a mountain, you’re on a dirt track, it’s literally just started chucking it down, and you’re sat at the front right behind the cab of the jeep – you would think you would stay dry, right? Wrong, it was literally flying in left right and centre. The driver was flooring the pedal, so it was cold, and you were being whipped around by the velocity and weather.

If I told you that we were all screaming and squirming, as well as holding on for dear life, would you believe me? When the driver stopped the jeep at Buddha’s Magical Garden – it’s safe to say everything was wet. I couldn’t have been more wet if I jumped in to a swimming pool. A lot of the group decided to not visit the gardens because of the weather, but we were already wet so why not.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the gardens because of said weather, but it was oddly even more magical with the crazy weather. The mini waterfall had a lot more movement to it, and it turned the water beautifully warm. It seemed a lot more peaceful, and the statues inside the gardens were amazing – definitely a must if you’re in that neck of the wood  mountain.

During this entire time we were climbing up and up a mountain, with dizzying heights and crazy speeds. In fact we even witnessed one of the drivers jump out of the jeep and wait until the jeep rolled and said to the folks in the back “byeee…” – he of course managed to catch up with the jeep and get back in to drive…but what the hell. We all then proceeded to warn our driver that if he even attempted such a thing, we would all kill him.

I thought I would finish the story on a high, this being that time that I nearly knocked a kid out. When we went to visit the tall Buddha in the mountain, it was pretty much right next to a monastery. We all needed to pop to the loo, which of course wasn’t going to be anything more than a hole in the ground. What I found hilarious was the fact that the doors were rickety and super far away from the super raised platform you had to stand on. I didn’t know if I was meant to sing or pee (sorry if TMI but it’s totally worth it). Anyways, so I’m one trouser leg in, one trouser leg off – mildly amusing rendition of the hokey cokey. About to do my business when this tiny Italian kid punches open my door, and in some form of Martial Arts ninja, I leap forward and slam the door….on to his face. Whoops.

Obviously there were a lot more places I visited, a lot more crazy stories – one being the time we got in to an argument with a prostitute. Maybe I’ll do another part, but until then, just enjoy some of the pictures.



Have you been to any of these parts in Thailand? Why don’t you share your recommendations in the comments below. And yes, that is rocks pictured like private parts, Thailand is awesome.