Esin #5: The Positives of Retail


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Posted 13/10/14
By Esin Huseyin


Now, more often that not, most of you will have worked in retail at some point in your lives, or like myself still do. But, it’s one of the jobs that many people speak ill of.

With the attitude to freelance shifting, it’s not surprising that many people are turning to the flexible world of retail to keep them going on the side, here are a few reasons to look at retail differently.

  1. Shifts: If like myself you have more than one commitment, having a job with shifts is pretty ideal. Okay, depending on which company you’re working with, you could find yourself working until 10, but overall you get a few hours in the morning to explore your passion.
  2. People: If you’re a social person, it’s great. You really have no idea who is standing in front of you; director of Strictly Come Dancing, lead singer in an underground band, Guy Ritchie (all of this has happened to me). What better way than to use that opportunity to communicate and possibly make a contact; I’ve secured work experience just through this.
  3. Fast-paced: In the world of retail, where every seasons counts, everything moves so quickly to keep up with the competition. This necessity to not stand still, and to keep on improving is something that all of us could learn from – it’ll keep us looking towards small achievable goals and self-improvement.
  4. Character Building: Believe me it is not easy dealing with the general public, and it is a sad fact that most people do speak to shop staff really badly. But, you do develop great skills; patience, the ability to change your tone depending on audience, new languages…
  5. Stories: Now, like any job you’ll come across some “characters”, but these will make great ice breakers. See the fitting room flashers, fake fainters, and the father-son dating tag team as a rite of passage (yes these also happened to me).


We’re in one of the fashion capitals of the world, and we have Oxford Street, one of or if not, the busiest shopping street in the world. These are all things we should be proud of, but it shouldn’t be without a thought for the retail army that keeps it ticking over smoothly.


That was a bit of a random one, but if you have any retail stories to share let me know in the comments below. Or, if you’re curious and want to know about the full stories of the “characters” I’ve come across, comment below as well.