What is Maybe It’s Because?

Here at Maybe It’s Because (‘Maybe’ for short) we’re dedicated to telling Londoners (new and established) about all the wonderful things there are to do in the city. On this blog we will not only be reviewing places like restaurants, cafés, shops, parks & museum exhibitions but we will also be telling the story of London through our own perspective. Expect weekly music recommendations that we feel capture the mood of the city at that time, and also recommend spots that are great for short/long walks or areas which are perfect to travel to with a camera clutched in between your fingers.


Who runs the site?

Maybe was founded and is managed by Koray Hussein & Esin Huseyin.


Why Maybe It’s Because?

The name Maybe it’s Because simply came to mind through the well known and loved song Maybe it’s Because I’m A Londoner.


How often is the site updated?

We aim to post at least four original pieces a week (Monday through Thursday) with a summary piece on Fridays.


How can we contact you?

You can contact us for information or ask to be featured at info@maybeldner.com, via our Contact page or through Twitter here.


How can we advertise on your site?

Just head over to our Advertise page.