A group of Instagrammers are raising money for charity with #fivemilesinmyshoes!


Right guys, we’re spreading a great message for a great cause today.

A bunch of extremely thoughtful Instagrammers have gotten together and decided to start up @fivemilesinmyshoes.

The group of photographers consisting of @ghostedout, @mumhad1ofthose, @descurran, @juicylucyham, @t3j1, @rich__, @coleman_henry, @mervinkaye, @brad_hobbs, @slipongravel and one of Maybe It’s Because’s very own Ambassadors @kidcircus have organised an international charity photo walk (at the time of writing, there are walks planned in Australia and USA in addition to the one going on in London) on July 26th.

The funds will be going towards Oxfam, the WWF (not the one where guys get oiled up and hit each other in the face with chairs) and Unicef.

They’re encouraging people to not only join their London walk but to organise their own wherever they are in the world and to raise money for the cause by linking to their main JustGiving page.

They’ll be using the hashtag #fivemilesinmyshoes throughout the walk and hope that everybody that gets involved will do the same to raise even more awareness.

All further updates will be coming through the official @fivemilesinmyshoes Instagram account here and also though the Stellar Stories app.

It’s a really nice gesture from these guys and we really hope that you’ll help us help them in their efforts by either donating, taking part or sharing either this post of the Instagram account @fivemilesintheirshoes.