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Fix Coffee

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Posted 23/02/16
By Callum Sharp

Set up in 2009, Fix Coffee is a clear stronghold for any avid coffee enthusiast. With two locations set in East London – both of which are within walking distance from Old Street station – the brand brings to the London coffee scene what many coffee outlets struggle with, loyalty. I spent an afternoon in their Whitecross Street store, here’s a run down:

The Décor:

Bright, spacious and colourful. This café’s interior is eclectic to say the least. The walls are covered with various stripes and quirky patterns that add an element of playfulness to the shop. The off-the-cuff colours of bright blue, red and green go against the current trend of minimalism that most London independents have adopted, and the space is filled with large workstations that are perfect for any hustling city creative. This isn’t to say you can’t enjoy your coffee; the shop also houses some vintage red leather sofas that add an element of cosiness to the place, making it the perfect spot for meeting with friends.

The Vibe:

Oh, the vibe. If you’re after the ultimate coffee shop experience, you can throw Starbucks out the window right now. Fix is by far a vibrant space to be enjoyed. The ambient lighting and subtle buzz of voices accentuates the feel of business in the place, which for many could be a turn off, but time it right and you can sit and enjoy a quiet place to read the paper. Early mornings and evenings are best considering the café is located on a market street, meaning it’s the ultimate stop-off point for those on their lunch break. The most enjoyable aspect about Fix though, is that sense of community spirit you feel in the place. The regular customers and well known faces, as well as the interaction between staff and coffee consumer is something very few cafés can portray so well. Be sure to make yourself known.

The Coffee:

Fix use an espresso of their own, devised and roasted exclusively for the shop by London’s own, Climpson and Sons. The delightful balance between the two South American beans – 50% Brazilian/50% Nicaraguan – is ideal for any espresso based beverage. Personally, I’d recommend a straight up espresso if you really want to experience the rich, smoky flavours this bean offers, but if you’re a milk based coffee drinker, the baristas are on hand to steam up a killer Flat White.

As for their filter, Fix are currently using an elegant single origin from Kenya that showcases flavours of fruity sweetness, finished with a small chocolate spice. Primary flavours include plum and apple.

The Overall Experience:

Fix Coffee is a definite winner on the London coffee scene, simply because there is something different in the feel of the place. Their coffee many not be at the same standard as the likes of Ozone or Workshop, but the unique décor, community feel and big workspaces make this an ideal spot for some mid-week report writing, or if you’re in the neighbourhood on a Sunday, buy yourself a paper and put your feet up.