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Posted 31/07/14
By Esin Huseyin

Most of you have probably heard of Flat Iron, in fact they’ve been making such an impression that they now have a second restaurant. However, if you haven’t, all you need to know is that this place does a pretty mean steak.

In a market where steak restaurants have saturated the field; Gaucho, Hawksmoor,and Roxie Steakhouse to name only but a few…it’s pretty difficult to find one with character, decent prices, and incredible food.

I went to Flat Iron recently with a group of friends, one of which had been before. I heard great things; “great value for money” and the “best steak I’ve had”; those are all things we hear, often. But, he wasn’t wrong…

We made our way down to Beak Street, it was a tiny shop front with school-esque benches inside – to be honest with you, it did look a little cramped. It has a ridiculously quick turn around, and I guess it’s not the kind of place you would go for a really long catch up; more of the quick in and out visit.

So of course I’ve been speaking about steak, Flat Iron is all about steak. When I went, there was actually a burger on the menu as well – but when in Rome you’re not going to order a curry, right? The rustic wood, metal, and a menu mounted on a wall sized clip board helps give this place a rustic feel that really goes with the way in which the steak is served; on a hot stone; it seems that the 80’s has made a come back.

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So let’s get down to business, the steak I ordered was accompanied by a house leaf salad – which is very refreshing, crunchy and harsh in taste with a mustard dressing. All I know is it went well with the steak, and naturally I didn’t leave it at that as I also ordered the dripping cooked chips, and the peppercorn sauce.

I’m not sure if I was in to the dripping cooked chips, they just tasted a bit too much like fat for me – not that I’m super healthy or anything, it just didn’t work. But that peppercorn sauce, God damn, if I could take a bath in it – I would. It was beautifully rich and creamy, that even the tiniest of pots lasted me my whole steak; a big flavour.

Now the steak; it wasn’t a huge portion, but it’s definitely the perfect size for one person. It was beautifully cooked rare/medium, and practically melted in my mouth. I’ve only ever had pork do that, but this hunk of sexy beef literally melted in my mouth; it was something special, I tell you.

But, it’s not just the ambience or food that excelled – the service surpassed everything I’ve ever experienced. They helped recommend, were very swift, and even gave us a bit of a discount (which we didn’t even want) when she realised herself she kept us waiting for a bit. Totally understand now why they have such a loyal fan base. All of this for just under £14, what a steal.

We can’t wait to try the one on Denmark Street, next. I just hope they have their iconic Flat Iron meat cleaver.

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