With Friends celebrating it’s 21st birthday, Comedy Central decided to put on a festival of sorts. Sets, memorabilia and photo opportunities galore. 

The tickets sold out in less then 6 minutes, or something ridiculous. We were fortunate enough to grab some tickets, but for those who weren’t, they found themselves seeing tickets sold on for a whopping £400!

The event took place at The Boiler House down Brick Lane, which personally for the amount of people coming through and queuing, it was a weird shape and slightly too small. However, it was an iconic building with exposed brickwork, that let the pieces do all the talking. 

Your ticket had an assigned time, ours said “15:00-17:00”. At three everyone who was queuing outside was allowed in, and you had those two hours to look around. Honestly, most of that was spent queuing, but it was to be expected. 

The walls were adorned with famous scenes from the show, and photos of celebrity cameos. Personally for me, being able to see some of the smaller pieces such as the Geller cup made it feel oddly real!

There was a a foosball table and even a complimentary coffee and biscuits. The event was sponsored by Lidl, they’re bleetin’ everywhere at the moment. But, those chocolate biscuits though…

You got the chance to be a Friends tourist and have your very own photo opportunity at Central Perk. It’s odd to see the show you grew up watching be brought to life before your very own eyes. 

There was even a makeshift fountain with umbrellas to take THAT photo. 

There was a real mix of ages, mainly a lot of late 20’s and early 30’s. However, there were a few families – I feel like a lot of the younger people would have been captured by the more recent showings over the last couple of years. 

There were a few die hard fans who were acting out scenes from the show:

“Could I be wearing any more clothes?”


Sitting in Monica’s flat, which is oddly smaller than I imagined – we weren’t too sure if it was true to the size of the actual set. 

Getting a chance to sit on the sofa reminded me of that time that Phoebe was on hold on the phone for hours. And when I was peering through the window I was hoping, but not hoping, to catch a peek of the ugly naked guy. 

It was a great day, lots of fun was had recreating famous scenes and reminiscing. It’s a shame it’s a one time thing! There was even 4 proposals there!

And I’m just going to leave this here…