Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers

Updated 12/08/14
By Koray Hussein

Seeing as Esin has had her say on Honest Burgers, I figured I’d add my own thoughts on the place. I’ll get the obvious stuff out of the way first: Honest Burgers rosemary chips are without a doubt the best chips I’ve ever had… and that includes my nan’s home made chips.

Not only are they sprinkled with unbelievably tasty rosemary salt but they’re also beautifully crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside… if only they were chewy on the inside, I could have followed that up with ARMADILLOS! (if you got that reference then I love you). Honest are also very generous with their servings too.

Moving on to the burger, I fully agree with Esin (and almost every other reviewer I’ve seen on-line) in saying that Honest Burgers whip up some of the juiciest, most flavourful burgers in all of London. Be warned though, if you prefer to have your burgers well done or even medium well, have a word with the staff as the meat is quite pink on the inside.

That is probably the reason my only Honest Burgers complaint exists really. No, I don’t mind the pinkish tint as that’s clearly the reason the burger is so damn juicy. My complaint is that the centre of the meat just wasn’t that hot. It wasn’t cold or even “lukewarm” (something I can’t say for Polo Bar‘s food ergh) but it was slightly colder than I would have liked.

Take nothing away from Honest though, There really is no reason why any burger fan would not enjoy their food and I wholeheartedly recommend everybody to give these guys a try.

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Originally Posted 10/06/14
By Esin Huseyin


Seeing as this is my first food review, it’s probably best if I admit that I have a slight obsession – not only with food, but with burgers. Yes – there’s nothing I love more than a burger in this world. If there is a restaurant that’s making the rounds on the internet, the chances are I’m going to want to get involved.

So, I was fashionably late to join the Honest Burgers party – but, better late than never right? So, it was a couple of weeks back on a sunny day down Soho that I literally stumbled across a small shop front with a few tables outside. It wasn’t until I looked up that I noticed the name, and decided to get involved. A rustic interior, a black board with the menu, and a clipboard with the minimal menu greeted me.

Honest Burgers prides themselves on having nothing but simple burgers, and they really do; a chicken, beef, and market vegetable burger – to be exact. It’s my favourite kind of burger menu, the kind that you add your own cheese and toppings, building it up to be a gargantuan feast and marriage of various flavours, or as simple as you want it.Yes. I however, decided to go for the Honest burger- when in Rome and all of that (I’m going to try and see how many embarrassing quotes I can fit in to each review).

However, where Honest Burgers really won it for me, was where the chips were included with the meal. Yes, you heard correctly – the burgers automatically come with these absolutely beautiful rosemary chips. They were everything you could ever want, thin and crispy with a soft centre full of goodness; I practically saw rainbows and world peace. As I said before, I absolutely adore burger joints, so of course this pops up in to conversation regularly – when speaking about Honest Burgers the thing that is repeated by practically everyone is “oh my god, their chips are amazing!!!11!!!1”. They bluddy weren’t lying, tasty as faaaaack.

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I enjoyed the fact that the burger wasn’t served in a school dinner tray, which seems to be all the rage at the moment – but it was prompt and hot. The Honest burger consists of; beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber, and lettuce. These are pretty much the standard things I attempt to stack my burgers up with anyways – but the beef was perfectly cooked (medium, of course), generous shavings of earthy mature cheddar, the crunch of the cucumber and lettuce, but best of all – the bluddy red onion relish. Red onions are the kings of the onion world, but my God, they were crunchy but smooth with a sweet kick. Perfection. It brought a tear to my eye (nudge nudge, wink wink)

On a serious level though, it’s simple but tasty burgers at it’s best, with generous portions at the centre. The burger was big, but not to the point where I had to dislocate my jaw to actually take a bite out of it. The chips were a match as they were nestled in a gargantuan pile on my plate, a generous bundle of love waiting for demolishing – literally could have had a whole bowl of just these chips – in fact, the person I was dining with solely nibbled on the chips and left about half of the burger (I of course licked the plate clean). In fact, I would go back just for the chips as the burger was nice, but it was just “aiiiteeee” in comparison to the other places I’ve tried. Still, absolutely beautiful overall.

If you’re after a burger without the fuss, on a bit of a budget (£6.50 – £11.00) – check them out. Have you eaten at Honest Burgers, what were your thoughts? What did you eat? Share your stories.


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  • Agree that the chips are wonderful but I also honestly say that some of the best burgers I’ve eaten were at Honest Burger (and having diagnosed coeliac there are pretty much no burger joints out there who cater to us wheat free types -burger, bun and beer all gluten free!)