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Posted 30/10/14
By Esin Huseyin

Before you say it, or think it, I’m not talking about that bluddy film.

I didn’t intentionally mean to make a pit stop here, but the place that I wanted to visit was actually unexpectedly closed, so here we have an impromptu visit to Juno. I liked the idea of this however, as it’s somewhere that I didn’t have the chance to pre-search or research on.

I popped in to this place at about 5ish, but it was absolutely dead. So dead, that we weren’t even sure if the place was open, until we got invited inside by one of the staff members. Not to be a hater, and to try and break that unwritten law of “if it’s empty, it’s not usually any good”, we ventured inside.

The venue is what I would consider more of a bar vibe, but aren’t most of the places in Shoreditch? Really open space, small tables dotted on one side, and larger booths and chesterfield-esque sofas on the other side. The walls were adorned with urban art, which I quite liked. It also had what I like to call the “expensive light bulbs” the ones where you can see the multiple filaments inside, this seems to be a thing now? Anyways, yeah I love them.

But, I’ve digressed a little. So, we parked our little bottoms down on a sofa, in theory you should be majorly comfortable, but in theory you’re eating with your knees by your head so it’s a little impractical. But, we sat back and enjoyed each others company as we surveyed the menu, in all honesty there isn’t a huge choice, but this place is somewhere that you would grab a quick bite whilst catching up, or whilst watching the game for example.

I ordered The Frenchie; 8oz Beef Patty, caramelised onion, brie, tomato, and smoked bacon. The only thing that really irritated me was having to pay for fries on top – I feel like I’ve been spoiled by all of the other restaurants I’ve visited lately that have included the fries, I mean chips!!

Now, I’ve had 8 ounces of beef before – this sounds like the start of a slightly different story – but the way this patty came was literally stacked like a brick house. For me personally, and it’s downfall, was that it was just too thick. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I had more bacon and brie to make up for this, but the brie was literally a shaving. I know I love my cheese, but I don’t have unreal expectations.

The patty was moist, but it could have done with a little more seasoning. The bacon was trying to be crispy, but it sort of fell flat at that hurdle as well. The chips I paid extra for however, were great. Now, the food wasn’t anything to write home about a review about, but as a place to hang out with your laptop, to meet a couple of friends over some drinks, then I think they’ve cracked it. It’s a really relaxed vibe, which is reflected with the open plan. They also have a basement room, which I believe hosts music events from time to time.

Juno, cut me a real slab of cheese next time, yeah? But, I’ll see you for a pint coke soon.


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