Maybe It's Because

Posted 28/04/15
By Koray Hussein

Back in September I thought that our new and existing readers would like to see how we at Maybe It’s Because view the site and what our goals were for it… And seeing as it’s been quite a few months since I first wrote that post, I figured I’d drop a little update.

The site has grown a hell of a lot over the last few months (January was a brilliant month of growth for us) and our readership has been growing at a nice steady rate. We’re slowly approaching the 3000 mark with our Twitter followers, Facebook is almost at the magic 1000 number and our Instagram is doing amazingly well at around 6600… we’ve even managed to gain over 70 Periscope followers in a little over a week. It’s really an exciting time for us in regards to social media and we really do owe it all to you guys. We have some great followers on each of our social media platforms who like, share, retweet and all the other jazzy stuff that you can do on there and we really appreciate every single one of you guys.

We’ve also been trying to branch out a little bit more with our reviews as at one point almost every single piece was on a new place to eat, drink or do both. It became a little repetitive and we slowly started to feel like just another food blog… which we’re not. We’re a London blog.

Grimm Tales

Esin has been going to some amazing performances lately and I’ve also been visiting some of London’s best new exhibitions; all in an effort to bring you guys the most varied and interesting content.

That’s not to say that we’ve given up on food reviews completely. Just last week I took a look at the famous Speedy’s from the BBC series, Sherlock and we’ve also got the brilliant May Yin Lee from Red Velvet London posting here as one of our guest bloggers.

Cabana Brasilian Barbecue

We’ve also got the ladies from Mental Gentle providing us with some great Photo Walks and as always, we have the great London Historian writing some incredibly interesting monthly pieces for us.


All in all, Maybe It’s Because has come a long, long way in just under a year and we can’t put into words how excited we are for the coming months and years. We’re hell-bent on turning this blog into The London blog. Other sites may do have a larger budget than us (there’s only so many versions of the London tube map that we care to see, you know who we’re talking about) but with enough time and effort our budget won’t matter. We’ve got loads of ideas for articles, lists and even our soon to launch YouTube channel which we’re hoping you guys love. The only way we’ll get there though is if you guys keep doing what you’re doing, sharing what you’re reading and letting us know what it is you want to see next.

I’m sure that when I get around to writing the third update on the blog that I’ll be reading off higher numbers and talking about even more exciting new projects.