Let’s Yumchaa [Affiliate Post]

Red Velvet London

Originally Posted 1/11/14
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London

There has been lots going on around King’s Cross and I must say, so much has changed over the last few years. Newly opened Yumchaa is situated around the Central Saint Martins building and is perfectly located to enjoy the great, child friendly out-door space. The weather was too good for November 1st and the cafe was pretty much empty- perfect for me. Everyone was enjoying the sunshine outside whilst we enjoyed the quiet indoors and catch up with blogging. They have the most amazing matcha latte which I have grown to love and not many places or coffee shops serve matcha latte. For your perfect matcha latte pit stop, you can get your fix on at Yumchaa.












I am super excited to collaborate with Maybe It’s Because, a blog all about London, from places to eat, sight see, hidden locations and tourist attractions! When Maybe It’s Because approached me I was so honoured  and wanted to ensure that my beauty blog shared the London essence for their readers!

I have a full time job as well as juggling my hours on my beauty and lifestyle blog and what better way to spend your weekend than in a relaxing coffee shop that’s pretty much empty for me to concentrate and enjoy a cuppa Yumchaa matcha latte. This sweet little coffee shop is situated in Granary Square of King’s Cross… Yes where Central Saint Martins is located. I love how mismatched the furniture is from floral print to under the sea print chairs. I think they have over cramped the number of chairs in this coffee shop but nevertheless, I had a coffee shop all to myself!

I love how they have separated their tea selection in individual cups so you can have a good sniff of what tea you would like, but instead I went for matcha green tea and carrot cake to satisfy my sweet tooth. It has been a rather productive day and I hope you have enjoyed my debut post for Maybe It’s Because; and many more to come.


Uncut: After the coffee shop, two 15 year old boys posing as 17 year old’s asked my photographer for her number… The boys were persisting that “age is just a number” and that she should “try something different”. Made me laugh so hard it made my day! I know it’s half term but… stay in school kids.


May from Red Velvet London blog- a budding lifestyle photographer who enjoys all things food, beauty, travels, fashion and quirky stuff!

Photography by Alice from Form 42 | Location: Yumchaa at Granary Square, King’a Cross

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