Lexi Cinema

Lexi Cinema

Posted 29/12/15
By Koray Hussein

If you haven’t seen The Force Awakens then don’t worry. I’m going to be writing about my experience at the Lexi Cinema and not the film, so this is a spoiler free post. 

I’m going to admit something that always seems to result in a shocked/puzzled/negative reaction… I’ve never liked Star Wars. The original trilogy was slightly boring and the second trilogy was offensively poor. Still, I didn’t let that stop me from jumping on a train and heading over to West London’s Lexi Cinema to watch The Force Awakens because you know what they say, the seventh time’s a charm.

But like I said at the top, this isn’t about The Force Awakens (even though it turns out, the seventh time is indeed the charm as I actually really liked it) so let me get on to the Lexi Cinema.

I had the choice of buying my ticket at the door or booking through their website and seeing as I was going to watch one of the biggest films of all time on opening day, I figured booking would be my best bet. The whole process took a few seconds and is much like ordering tickets on-line with any other cinema so there’s no real difference there.

The real difference is when you actually get to the Lexi. In pictures the outside of the cinema looks quite small but in person it looks a whole lot smaller and if it didn’t have “I AM A CINEMA. LOVE ME” (which I loved) in big bold letters on the outside I would have walked straight past it. What’s even more amazing is that once you enter it’s actually even smaller! I was so shocked to find out that only a small slither of a foyer separated the front door from the single screening room and I’m fairly certain that I could have gotten from the entrance to my seat in roughly 10 steps… Honestly.

None of this counts as a negative though. I’ve been to the massive cinemas in Central London and I don’t actually like them. Watching a movie is meant to be an intimate experience (some movies more intimate than others…) and that’s just not possible in such a massive room. The Lexi Cinema however is perfect and is just so damn cosy that it’s as close to that “sitting at home on the couch” atmosphere as you’re going to get without actually being at home on the sofa. It’s a really enjoyable experience and I’m sure if I would have visited the bar at the back it would have been even better.

And the thing is, I haven’t even gotten to my favourite thing yet… The Lexi cinema is staffed by volunteers and donates 100% of it’s profits to charity which you can read about by clicking here. That’s pretty bloody fantastic and something they have to be commended for.

I’m definitely going to be heading back soon and in the words of the late great Roger Ebert, I’d give the Lexi Cinema two thumbs up.