London Eyes: Annabel Lake

Annabel Lake

Posted 29/02/16
By Koray Hussein

We’ve got something a little different for you guys in the February London Eyes feature. There’ll be no shots of Tower Bridge or the Shard this time because this month, we’ve got one of London’s best street portrait artists in, Annabel Lake.

I’ve noticed that there tends to be an odd trend in photography circles to discredit or downplay the talents of younger shooters and it’s not only offensive to the artists who go out there and capture some great shots but it’s downright stupid. Thankfully we’ve now got Annabel featured in the London Eyes series so the next time you hear someone spouting off some rubbish, don’t argue with them. Just calmly pull up this page on your phone before smugly handing it over.

She’s that good.

You’ll be hard pressed to find better street portraits than the ones on display here and I strongly suggest you check out Annabel’s Instagram (don’t forget to drop her a follow!) and website below the gallery to gawk at more of her work.



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