London Eyes: Brenda Ty

Brenda Ty

Posted 25/05/16
By Koray Hussein

Almost every photographer falls into the trap of “trying to find their niche” which, at least in my sleep deprived mind, is always a bad thing. Photography is an extremely personal art form and should never be restricted to just one “style”. All you have to do is look at this week’s London Eyes photographer Brenda Ty and it’ll become abundantly clear that variety in your photography is a very good thing.

Brenda shoots in both film and digital and ventures into portraiture as well as street, adding a very unique twist to both. Her film images are probably my favourite as she loves to experiment with both expired film as well as film that’s been soaked in coffee (yeah, I didn’t know you could do that shit either). Her digital stuff is impressive too, as you can definitely see the influence of her film shooting in her editing with popping highlights and just the right amount of grain.

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