London Eyes: Jessica Hope

Jessica Hope

Posted 22/12/15
By Koray Hussein

If there’s one thing that a lot of people do when using Instagram, it’s judge the quality of other photographers on the amount of followers they have… “If they’re good, the’ll have over 20 or 30, 000 followers, right?”  Well, in some cases yes, but in a lot more cases, that’s a resounding no. One account I point to on a regular basis when talk of Instagram and disproportionate followings crops up is @jstr_.

Jessica is easily one of my favourite street photographers in London and it absolutely baffles me that she hasn’t got 20,000+ followers yet, so I figured I’d approach her about being our London Eyes photographer for December 2015 and thankfully she said yes.

Anyway, this is a photography-centric post so I’m going to stop rambling and let Jessica’s work speak for itself… But don’t forget to check out her links at the bottom of the page!



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