London Eyes: Temoor Iqbal

Temoor Iqbal

Posted 20/06/16
By Koray Hussein

We’re always on the look out for fresh new photographers to feature in our London Eyes series. Some times we find them and drop the photographer a message seeing if they’re interested and other times we’ll get an email from a photographer who wants to be featured… But only once have we found a photographer on Instagram, seen his work and thought “Wow! We need to get this guy into the London Eyes series!” only to receive an email by that very photographer enquiring about the possibility of being featured before we had the chance the reach out… That photographer was Temoor Iqbal.

Once you have a look at his work below you’ll see exactly why we wanted to get Temoor’s images up on the site and you’ll understand why it’s quite an honour to have a photographer with his level of talent wanting to be involved.


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