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Posted 26/01/15
By Esin Huseyin

Obviously this is going to be a little biased, as it’ll be in my opinion, but I’m sure that many of you reading this will agree with a few – I hope.

If not, let me know in the comments below. But, until then sit back and relax, going to the cinema is something that we all do, some more than others, but here are some of my favourite cinemas with a little twist.

The Nomad Cinema

This little London gem is one that pretty much everyone knows; you’ve either been or everybody is talking about it. Okay, so this is a little cheeky of me as this is more of a pop up cinema, but if you can bring along your own blankets and picnics then I’m sold. They host a variety of films from childhood classics, family days, and even slightly riskier films. To see what they’ve got planned in the next month – check them out here.


Pillow Cinema

As you can see from my second choice there is a bit of a theme occurring. From the makers of Hot Tub Cinema, who have finally decided to get out of the water and snuggle up, is a cinema like no other. With a no pillow no entry policy, you can find yourself walking in to the old Shoreditch station and finding nothing but blankets and pillows. Don’t get too comfortable, we don’t want you to fall asleep – but look at what films they’ve got lined up for you, here.


Electric Cinema, Portobello

The Notting Hill branch is over 100 years old, and is one you would attend if you’re looking for a little comfort with a handful of luxury. Here you’ll find leather armchairs and footstools, sofas and even beds; cover yourself up with cashmere blankets. They put on a mixture of art films, classics, and new releases; there genuinely is something for everyone. To find out more, click here.


Odeon, The Lounge

I’ve taken a step back from comfort and have gone down the foodie route – this time round you can sit back and enjoy some food, that is even served by your very own waiter. This cinema is a little more intimate, and therefore has enough space for you to recline your leather seats. I know what you’re thinking – How can we eat in the dark? Don’t worry the menu is designed so that you can eat with one hand. It’s a seasonal menu so it does change, but find out more here.


Prince Charles Cinema

To me, this cinema brings out the best in London, it shows our personality and humour. This cinema is one of the few cinemas where you won’t get booted out for singing along to the films, or even a heckle or two. Although they do show foreign films, art films, newish releases and classics – they are well known for their marathons and sing-a-longs. Inject the fun back in to your cinema experience with this place, find out more here.


Do you agree or disagree with some of my choices? Be prepared for a follow up, as quite frankly there are just too many amazing venues to choose from!