London Five’s Unique Musuems

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Posted 23/02/15
By Esin Huseyin

Escape the battle of the museums in South Kensington with these unique museums, that often go unknown.

Explore your way through the skeletons, taxidermy, and theatrics of London’s most unique museums.

Horniman Museum

This quirky little museum is a flashback to how museums used to be, yo won’t find any interactive touch screens here. The Horniman Museum houses anthropological and natural history gems, including the famous overstuffed walrus – and if that wasn’t enough, the beautiful grade II gallery will have you all in awe.


Dennis Sever’s House

This little beauty was designed by Sever’s himself in the 1970’s; and is the product of his imagination, as you are led around the house in a more theatrical manner. The house itself is absolutely stunning, and you’ll be able to tour around a Spitalfield Merchant’s house – it almost looks untouched. The only thing you’ll need to do is keep a close eye, as this place isn’t always open!


Hunterian Museum

This one may not be for the fainthearted, but trust me when I say it’s not gory. This museum is full of medical specimens and surgical instruments; wander around this airy, yet intimate, museum and feast your eyes upon endless labelled glass specimen jars. You’ll also be able to set your sites  on Winston Churchill’s dentures and even the skeleton  of the Irish Giant.


Grant Museum of Zoology

Turns out, most of the unique museums in London house a lot of skeletons; well this one’s no exception. It’s part of the University College of London and has carefully categorised all of the evolutionary groups – including a walrus, baboon and even a giant iguanadon. Perhaps the most amazing thing this museum houses, is the bones of a dodo.


Palace of Westminster Clock Tower

I’m sure I don’t need to educate you all on the fact that Big Ben is the name of the bell housed in the clock tower; but did you know it was possible to not only have a guided tour of this iconic London landmark, but also get it for free? All you have to do write to your local MP and request access – you have to be a UK resident, but competition is hard as only 10,000 people get the lucky chance to explore this place.