London on YouTube #1

london on yt

Posted 07/10/14
By Koray Hussein

London on YouTube is a brand new feature we’re going to be bringing you guys here at Maybe It’s Because. There’s no time frame as to be honest, we’re not sure how often we’ll be finding interesting videos on the city so it would be kind of counter productive to start a “weekly” feature on interesting videos on he city when we might not have anything interesting to show you.

In our first instalment however we have a nice mix with a time-lapse, a brilliant video of a Londoner actually racing a London tube train and a brief history on London’s evolution. Enjoy.

First off is this beautiful timelapse of the city posted just over a year ago… It’s just a pity it’s set to Coldplay.


Next up we have a brilliant video of a runner actually racing the tube from Mansion House to Cannon Street. Watch to see if he is able to catch the same train he just left moments earlier at Mansion House.


Last up is this fascinating video on London’s evolution from Londinium, from the streets to place names to it’s general expansion into what it is today. It’s a must watch for any fan of the city.



That’s it for the first London on YouTube. If you’ve found any other great London videos on YouTube then be sure to let us know in the comments or through our Twitter.