London on YouTube #3

london on yt

Posted 11/11/14
By Koray Hussein

London on YouTube is back this week with a timelapse, a hyperlapse and a little bit of food to get you going.

When’s lunch again?

In the very first London on YouTube we featured a stunning timelapse (that was hurt by a Coldplay song playing over it) of the city… And this time we’re bringing you a hyperlapse. What’s a hyperlapse? Well it’s a timelapse… that moves. They’re beautiful and this one by Mattia is no exception.


If you know London food at all then you know about The Rib Man. His delicious rib meat has been the talk of the town since before we even got Maybe It’s Because up and running and has been on our list of places to visit for even longer. The good guys at Munchies (an offshoot of Vice) came down to London and spoke with The Rib Man about his… well, ribs. It’s a great piece which we wish was longer. Mr. Gevaux! We are comin’ for your ribs!


It’d be hard to do a London on YouTube video without featuring the Tower of London Poppies, so we figured we’d just put this gorgeous timelapse by James Murray here.


That’s it for the first London on YouTube. If you’ve found any other great London videos on YouTube then be sure to let us know in the comments or through our Twitter.