London on YouTube #4

london on yt

Posted 31/12/14
By Koray Hussein

It’s New Years Eve and everybody who has to work today is thinking of elaborate ways of punching their boss in the face without them noticing. To make the time go quicker so you can ring in the new year in style we’ve found three videos that should cheer you up.

We’ll kick off this week’s London on YouTube with a quick list (who doesn’t like lists?!). Want to feel like a badass by breaking some rules but not risk having the police actually giving a shit? Then click Tom Scott‘s clip up above and have a gander. My personal favourite is probably Number 9.


If you don’t follow us on Twitter or Facebook (which you totally should be!) then you may have already seen us post this clip. It’s a pretty self explanatory video and just shows that London’s tube is one of the friendliest transportation services in the world… ahem


What would a London on YouTube post be without at least one timelapse? This time we’ve chosen one that’s solely based on London’s Tower Bridge. Don’t let the low view count fool you, this video by Chad Higgins is absoultey brilliant and I love the morphs in between shots.


That’s it for the first London on YouTube. If you’ve found any other great London videos on YouTube then be sure to let us know in the comments or through our Twitter.