London on YouTube #6

london on yt

Posted 17/03/15
By Koray Hussein

London on YouTube is back for some bite sized chunks of… Well… London… on YouTube…

Our first video is aimed more at our readers who aren’t actually native to London and is more for the new or future Londoners out there. Even though they’re a relatively new YouTube channel, Attaché has kicked off with a great video introducing London to would-be travellers and gets some great tips out there. Oh and they score some major points on production value.


If you’re not a fan of history (The London Historian is frowning) then you might want to skip the next two videos. This video is a short news story from ODN on a fascinating find at the Crossrail path…


… Whilst our third and final video comes from the Jimmy0010 YouTube channel. It’s a great video where Jimmy talks about his favourite bits of hidden East London history. Definitely check it out, even if you’re not that into history as he talks about the spectacular, original London bridge.


That’s it for the first London on YouTube. If you’ve found any other great London videos on YouTube then be sure to let us know in the comments or through our Twitter.