London Pride 2015

London Pride 2

Posted 30/06/15
By Esin Huseyin

So last Saturday thousands of people descended upon London in order to celebrate Pride in London – this year’s theme was Pride Heroes.

Last year, a whopping 750,000 turned up to celebrate, but this year felt bigger! Apparently a huge 1 million people turned up to enjoy the many stages – including the Cabaret stage – and of course the famous parade.

Tiny ol’ me, was able to tiptoe above people’s heads to capture some of my favourite shots from the parade, which I thought I would share with you.

London Pride 1

The streets were lined with thousands of people, but the flags were out in full force. Whether you were from the LGBT community, or you were here to support, or you were a tourist – it was an incredible day full of high spirits, and it seemed a lot of alcohol to many.

The crowds were lucky that there were blue skies, and the rain managed to stay away. I’m pretty sure a few people can join me in saying they burnt their shoulders!

London Pride 3


The parade was bursting with sound: incredible drums, motorbikes, choirs, and booty-shaking beats (They were walking in the parade for well over 5 hours, got to keep yourself motivated somehow).

London Pride 4

DISCLAIMER: I may have missed all of the “bigger” floats, because I was reliving my teenage years and singing along to Blue who happened to be on the Main Stage at Trafalgar Square. ‘One Love’, need I say more?

London Pride 5

Lets not forget the colours that came out in support on Saturday, everywhere you turned the rainbow was either above you, beside you, or in front of you.

London Pride 6

If you happened to be in the area of Trafalgar Square, you would have probably experienced the utter shambles that was getting in to the main stage. Two queues being merged in to one, resulting in nothing but people arguing and masses of people aimlessly standing around because they didn’t know where they were going. Actually create queues for next year, yeah?

London Pride 6


London is a city full of over 8.3 million people, and it’s diversity and acceptance is one that I’ve never come across in another city – ever. Whether it’s dealing with train strikes and waiting in an orderly queue for the bus, or if it’s accepting someones sexuality and identity: London loves you.