London’s Five Best Picnic Spots

London 5

Posted 08/06/15
By Esin Huseyin

With summer finally here, what better way to enjoy London and her beautiful scenery, than with a good ol’ picnic. Sometimes it’s not always about eating at restaurants, but rather about soaking up the sun on an itchy blanket and eating squashed sandwiches.


Holland Park

I know what you’re all thinking; not this place again…But, I assure you, I bring this up with good reason. This park has everything and anything that you desire. You can start your day off by playing some giant chest – or finding one of the elusive peacocks – you’re spoiled for choice on where to park your bottoms, but you can walk around Kyoto Gardens to help with the digestion in the end. Perfect.


Richmond Park

You would have probably been here once or twice before, and you’ll know that this particular park is famous for it’s deer – it used to be a hunting park for royalty. Once you’ve finished eating your packed lunch, take a walk up to Henry’s Mount where you’ll get an uninterrupted view of St Paul’s Cathedral, which is well over 10 miles away. The view is protected by law – so there’s no getting in it’s way, including trees.


Greenwich Park

If you’re after a bit of history with your hummus and carrot snack from M&S, this park hosts the point where Greenwich Mean Time is calculated, you could literally stand on both the Eastern and Western hemispheres. But, if that’s not your cup of tea, climb to the top of the hill to have a breathtaking view over the London skyline.


Golders Hill Park

Technically this park is part of Hampstead Heath, but it’s a little park that packs a punch  bunch of alpacas, lemurs, maras and cranes. If that’s not you’re thing, you can feed the crusts of your sandwiches to the ducks in the pond – but just sit back and enjoy this slightly quieter side of Hampstead Heath.


Whenever, wherever

Okay, so that may have been a song lyric by Shakira, but it’s something that we definitely take for granted in London. We have incredible parks, but why not just have your lunch alfresco overlooking the Thames – many office workers usually perch themselves along the river near Cannon Street. The Scoop at More London is a great place to perch, and more often then not there is entertainment. What I’m trying to say is – think outside the box, this city hold unrivaled views wherever you are,