London’s Five Famous Roads

London Five

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Posted 27/04/15
By Esin Huseyin

Many of you probably got the chance to watch at least some of the London Marathon over the weekend – it’s amazing to see such amazing people over coming great distances for a great cause.

Seeing runners cross over Tower Bridge did get me thinking, what other streets and sights are we famous for?

Abbey Road

The Beatles actually recorded all but one of their albums in Abbey Road studios, and even posed down the road for one of the most syonymous shots, ever, for their 1969 album cover. People love to go down the road and recreate the same photo – there’s even a live stream if you wanted to have a chuckle at people.


Downing Street

Number 10 plays home to the Prime Minister, and has become quite the tourist hot spot. You’ll often find throngs of people waiting outside trying to catch a glimpse of the PM or his famous visitors. The public were allowed to get as close to the doors, until Margaret Thatcher installed security measures during the IRA bombings. The cabinet room and white drawing room are located at the rear of the room.


Fleet Street

The name Fleet Streeet derives from Fleet river and was home to the printing houses, and then newspapers. The first printer was set up in the 15th century, whilst the first newspaper was set up in 1702 – it was called the Daily Courant. However, towards the mid-twentieth century the newsoapers had to relocate as the buildings did not allow for much growth and technological advancements.


Gerrard Street

This street is in the heart of Chinatown and is full of lanterns, red dragons and mandarin street signs. At the weekend it does pull in a crowd due to its food shops, a lot of Chinese residents come down to grab ingredients and products they can’t find elsewhere. It’s a hotspot because the colours entice tourists for some great photo opportunities – helps when you’ve got some yummy restaurants to pick from! The best time to go along is at the end of January towards early February, as its Chinese New year; be aware of fire crackers in the street!


 Harley Street

A high number of physicians are down this street – around 1,500 to be precise, they also share this street with 8 private hospitals. But, did you know that there was once a time when this street was reeling with artists? Allan Ramsey and J W Turner were once residents of this street!