London’s Five Most Successful Football Clubs

London Five

Posted 16/11/15
By Koray Hussein

Seeing as we’re in the middle of the devastatingly boring international break and club football is no where to be seen, I thought I’d look into London’s top five most successful football clubs of all time. I bet there’s at least one name here you didn’t expect…

On a side note, I’ve gone with the top honours at the time of winning the trophy so don’t expect to see any division three championships here.


Wanderers – 5 Trophies

No, I’m not making this up. The fifth most successful team in London is a team that I’m pretty sure almost every single Londoner has never heard of: Wanderers.

The club was founded in 1859 and dissolved just 28 years later in 1887, picking up five FA Cup trophies along the way.

The club was reformed in 2009 and now play out of Mayfield Stadium.


West Ham United
West Ham United – 8 Trophies

Coming in at number four and with just three more trophies than Wanderers (a club that, in effect didn’t exist for well over 100 years) is East London’s West Ham United, and no Hammers fans, we’re not including the 1966 World Cup.

Here’s hoping that the Upton Park boys will add a few more trophies to their cabinet soon as eight trophies in 120 years is not exactly that impressive.

West Ham United currently play out of the Boleyn ground in Upton Park but will be moving to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford in 2016… Much to the dismay of our next entry.


Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur – 26 Trophies

Winning a whopping 18 more trophies than the previous entry, Tottenham Hotspur don’t really need to worry about being caught up any time soon.

What I do find quite interesting is how the opinion that Tottenham are a bunch of “nearly men” who never quite manage to join the “top” teams in the country yet they’re only two trophy wins behind a team that is now considered to be one of England’s most successful and well known teams…

Spurs currently play at White Hart Lane in, you guessed it, Tottenham.



Chelsea – 28 Trophies

… Then again, a lot of Chelsea’s detractors love to point out the fact that their recent success has come after a hefty investment by their Russian billionaire owner, Roman Abramovic who bought the financially struggling club in 2004. Chelsea remain the only club in London to have won Europe’s top prize, The UEFA Champions League but will have to settle for second best on this list as their 28 trophies pale in comparison to…

Chelsea currently ply their trade at West London’s Stamford Bridge which is located right next to London’s beautiful Brompton Cemetery… Sorry. I had to get a plug in for my recent photo walk…



Arsenal – 43 Trophies

With a total of 43 trophies, Arsenal are not only the most successful club in all of London but also rank third in the whole country, behind Manchester United (top with 62) and Liverpool (60). It’s been a strange decade or so to be a Gunner though as, apart from four recent trophies (two FA Cup and two Community Shield) they went a staggering nine years without winning a single trophy.


Arsenal moved to the Emirates Stadium in 2006 after spending 93 years at the now legendary Arsenal Stadium (informally known as Highbury)


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