London’s Five Tallest Structures

London Five

Posted 23/11/15
By Koray Hussein

Seeing as we’re in the middle of the devastatingly boring international break and club football is no where to be seen, I thought I’d look into London’s top five most successful football clubs of all time. I bet there’s at least one name here you didn’t expect…

On a side note, I’ve gone with the top honours at the time of winning the trophy so don’t expect to see any division three championships here.


Crystal Palace Transmitter – 219 metres / 720 feet

Yeah… we had no idea the Crystal Palace transmitter was that tall either.

If you’ve ever driven pass the transmitter then you’ve no doubt been surprised but it’s sheer size but we bet not as surprised to find out that it is actually the fifth tallest structure in all of London.


The Cheesegrater
122 Leandenhall (The Cheesegrater) – 225 metres / 737 feet

Measuring in at just six metres taller is Bishopgate’s largest kitchen utensil: The Cheesegrater.

Opening it’s doors in the June of 2014, The Leadenhall building is one of London’s youngest landmarks and is probably the least offensive looking building in the area (We’re looking at you The Gherkin)


Heron Tower – 230 metres / 756 feet

The Heron Tower only improves on 122 Leadenhall by five metres but those five metres manage to push the Heron Tower into third place.

It could also be argued that it has the me most “conventional” design of the top five too… Although, we guess you might be able to say the next entry too…


One Canada Square
One Canada Square – 235 metres / 771 feet

It may have been built over 25 years ago but Canary Wharf’s One Canada Square is still one of London’s tallest buildings and measures in at a whopping 235 metres.

Often wrongly called Canary Wharf, One Canada Square is one of London’s oldest stalwarts and is synonymous with it’s business area.


The Shard
The Shard – 306 metres / 1,004 feet

I’m pretty sure everyone saw this one coming…

While the other four buildings were separated by a mere 16 metres, The Shard dwarfs all of them  by bumping it up to 306 metres (that’s a full 71 metres difference betwen it and the second tallest building One Canada Square) and is without a doubt London’s most impressive structure.


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