Look, Listen, London – 25/09/14

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Posted 25/09/14
By Esin Huseyin


Okay, so we’re all heard the news about the 24 hour tube service – imagine the possibilities. We won’t have to rush back after a gig, or miss something at the bar when we had to rush off to catch the “last train”; we just have a whole year to wait…

In the meantime, why don’t I show you what you can be getting up to this weekend.


Now I’m pretty sure we all had a set of Lego bricks when we were younger, but I guess most people here would probably have grown out of it – there’s only so much house building, and bare foot stepping you can do (let’s be honest, stepping on one of those things hurts!) Nathan Sawaya, shows us what could have been if we stuck it out, with his beautiful exhibition, contemporary human sculptures, a replica of a T-rex skeleton, and even remake of the Mona Lisa – all made from Lego, yup – we’ll see you there. If you want to grab some tickets, click here.



Listen to some lifestyle talks at this year’s Vegfest – yes, I have a festival for you vegans and vegetarians out there! After the success of last year, they’re returning for their second year here in London; you can be sure to find everything from live music and comedy acts, all the way through to cookery talks (as well as the lifestyle talks I spoke about earlier), workshops, food stalls, and even…freebies. You could probably have a buffet lunch with these freebies; but, if it’s an area you’re interested in, or want to learn more about – click here.


Water? Yogurt? Bread?

These are only 3 of the hundreds of suggestions people give you, when you eat a chilli and need to take away the kick. Well for many of you, you get your kicks from eating the hottest little buggers out there – so I bring you, the Festival of Heat. You’ve got everything from live music, food stalls (of course stalls selling chillies), cooking demos, and just a nice day to celebrate the various chillies that separate the crazy from, well the crazy. Also – my suggestion for you guys is yogurt. Find out more, here.



Have any of you guys been to any of these events before? What’s the hottest chilli you’ve ever eaten? Don’t forget to share your stories with us on the comments below.