Look, Listen, London – 28/01/15

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Posted 28/01/15
By Esin Huseyin

January is one of those months where so many of us are struggling, as it’s usually the longest wait we have between paydays.

Cut back on the pre-work coffees and you’ll be able to venture to one of these amazing events this weekend.


If you didn’t know, Vault festival begins today and runs right through until the 8th of March. This underground festival is accessible to everybody with tickets starting from £5 and even free music on certain nights. You can be expected to find everything from Macbeth, as well as comedy and music events, all the way through to family friendly events and even masterclasses in things like script writing and themed talks. To find out more information, click here.


Swap your bellyful of your Sunday roast dinner for a bellyful of laughs instead. This weekend we have an installment of the Sunday Special, this time round you can expect free cake as it’s their 10th birthday. There’s lots of wink winks and nudge nudges, and even a whole lot of surprises – but we can expect to see their biggest line up yet, including an arena-filling megastar. If that isn’t exciting enough, find out more here.


Even though we’re nearly a month in to the new year there are still quite a few people who are maintaining a lot more self control than myself, and are opting to keep at their detox. Just because you’re committing to a healthier way of living these days, doesn’t mean you can’t join in all the street food fun. Urban Food Fest is putting a healthy spin on their late night snacktastic session. At this weekend’s ‘Shoreditch Detox’ you can expect to find healthy substitutes like quinoa burgers. To find out more information, click here.


Whatever you’re doing keep us posted through social media. If you have any suggestions for future events, or you’re running one and want to get us involved – drop me an email, or leave a comment below. Have a good weekend everybody!