Look, Listen, London – 31/07/14

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Posted 31/07/14
By Esin Huseyin

So the month is drawing to an end, and we find ourselves halfway through our summer – so we have to end this month on a high, right?

This month we bring you a few things a little outside the “box”, so get ready for the weekend of the summer.


This exhibition couldn’t come at a more current time, with the “anonymous” at an all time high, news spreading via print, broadcast, and online about rebellion; the Victoria & Albert museum has decided to open – Disobedient Objects. This exhibition will highlight and illustrate the way in which political activism; from woven banners, various designs of barricades, and even defaced money – this exhibition will indicate how activism has changed from the 1970’s, and who knows, you may even learn something  or be inspired to make a change. Find out more about the exhibition, here.


So we’ve been a little cheeky

What’re you up to over the weekend? Nothing…well I’ll be foot binding.

So the title seems a bit of a mouthful, but just you wait until you get your chops around this week’s mystery number; An idiosyncratic A to Z of the human condition. Now let me break that down, as in other words it basically means a peculiar collection of items – none other than Henry Wellcome’s collection of artifacts that range from paintings all the way through to medical memorabilia. But this exhibition literally does what it says on the tin; each letter of the alphabet stands for something – B is for birthdays (birth of the first test-tube baby) and X for X-rated (a bunch of porcelain fruit demonstrating sexual foreplay) just to name a few, of course it’s a little different from A for Apple and Z for Zebra. But, where the real magic is with the “busking activities” as they so put it; talks on phrenology (if you’re a massive Victorian buff like we are then that’s all that needs to be said), a lesson in the art of foot binding, and even phantom limb syndrome. We can’t wait to head on over there, so check out the exhibition here.

Even if you decide not to partake in what we’ve suggested, let us know know what you got up to over the weekend via our twitter – or in the comments below.