Look, Listen, London – February 5th – 7th

The Vaults

Posted 04/02/16
By Koray Hussein

Looking forward to the weekend but not made any plans yet We’ve got you covered in this week’s Look, Listen, London.



Granted I am biased with this one because I love Orhan Pamuk but trust me when I tell you that Pamuk’s The Museum Of Innocence at Somerset House is a must visit. The Nobel prize winning author has brought his novel of the same name to life at Somerset House and looks to be a stunning and surreal experience. Expect a review on here soon.

You can get more information on the free exhibition here.



If there’s one thing you can’t miss it’s Fat Tuesday’s 2016 Mardi Gras! It’s only running on Friday and Saturday will definitely be a party that you’ll be comparing all other parties to. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s located in The Vaults which are right next to London’s famous Leake Street Tunnel.

Tickets are £12 a pop and you can get your tickets and all other information by clicking here.


London Santa Clara

Visit Fitzrovia’s sports bar Jetlag late this Sunday to watch this years Super Bowl live from Santa Clara, California! The bar will be open extra late and will surely be the best place to watch Anerica’s biggest sports event of the year in all of London.

You can grab your tickets and more information by clicking here.