Look mum no hands!

Look mum no hands!

Updated 30/09/14
By Koray Hussein

Everyone and their mum’s know that Look mum no hands! serve up some lovely hot beverages and pastries… But when passing by there the other day, I popped in for an iced latte instead of the regular old latte and maaaan, was it good.

I’ve been to Look mum no hands! a few times over the past few months and usually went for their hotter offerings. This time however, I was in a rush and was going to be drinking whatever I bought while walking hurriedly down Old Street…  I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be weaving in between people on Old Street, whilst lifting a liquid to my face, I’d rather it not be scolding hot. So with that in mind I went for one of their iced lattes. It hit the spot perfectly and, although I would have preferred a little more coffee and a little less ice, will probably be my go to drink whenever I’m in Look mum no hands! again.

I also picked up one of their delicious pastries too which was bloody lovely, not to mention a generous size. Was it on par with the almond croissant I got at The Coffee Jar? Probably not, but it was still super enjoyable.

If you’re going to Look mum no hands! for your usual coffee then you’re not going to be disappointed. In my humble opinion places like Soho Bikes and Daisy Green are probably my favourites but Look mum no hands! isn’t far behind by any means.


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Originally Posted 05/08/14
By Esin Huseyin

Now I don’t know what this new obsession with bicycle/coffee shops is – is it even a new obsession? But, it seems to be the new “in” thing that’s got everyone talking.

This week’s post is on Look mum no hands!; which was actually the first coffee shop I had seen/heard about/attended with this sort of sport/social vibe.

This place doesn’t take itself too seriously, I mean take a little look at the name, you do sort of imagine a child kicking both their legs out and holding their arms up in the air whilst being chased down the road by their mum. The general vibe of this place is pretty chilled, I’m pretty sure they pride themselves on this, as when I popped my head in to this place it was full of a variety of people; groups of friends, solo readers, people tapping away on their laptops, and my favourite – the business meeting.

Starbucks pride themselves on being a “home away from home”, if this independent coffee shop can create not only the same ethos but something a little bit unique, I truly believe they’re on to a bit of a winner here – and they are.

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It isn’t a huge location, but when the sun is out and shining you can sit on the tables outside, absolutely perfect for the weather we’re having in London recently. Even though the coffee shop has a blended love for all things cycling and coffee, it still keeps them completely separate. The main desk for the cycling area is housed in a little cubby hole, and the only thing that has managed to filter in to the coffee shop is memorabilia; bikes, hats etc.

It was a while ago that I popped my head in, and it was insatiably grey, so I decided to opt for a nice cup of tea (yes I know, why go to a coffee shop for just a tea) – but truth is, the person I was with had a coffee so you see, you have a well rounded view of all of their beverages. Now quit your beverage bashing ways.

I opted for an Early Grey, and when it arrived it came in the absolute cutest tea pot. The person who I was with ordered a latte; both the tea and the latte were great sizes, no half measures here. My tea arrived perfectly steeped, and was absolutely glorious; my friend even said that his latte was just the right consistency, with a beautiful creaminess to it. Now, there’s so far I can go with describing hot beverages without sounding like a narcissistic bumhead, so I’ll refrain. I also had a freshly baked flapjack, which needs absolutely no describing it was the biggest flapjack I have ever eaten, and on a serious level I had a sugar rush once I finished it.

I’ve heard great things about the food there, which I am yet to try, and I’m pretty sure they’re famous for their pies – so, I guess I’ll just have to return there again…oh, what a shame. Give them a cheeky visit, find them on the map below:

Look Mum No Hands on Urbanspoon

Have you ever wheeled in for a quick cup of coffee? Let us know what you thought in the comments below, or via our twitter.