Louis Vuitton’s Series 3

louis vuitton's Series 3

Posted 13/10/15
By Yasmin Akhavan

Walking down the Strand, you will immediately notice that the sudden troupe of fashionistas. The most talked about fashion exhibition of the season has hit the capital: Louis Vuitton’s Series 3. Nested in the heart of London, the fashion super brand has set up an impressive multistory exhibit, showcasing various aspects of their fashion empire.

From mannequins wearing the coveted accessories, to artisans hand crafting the monogrammed leather goods that have become a brand staple, this exhibition gives you a full insight into the multifaceted Vuitton empire. In a mirror filled room, you can also find interactive videos and life-size screens showcasing the brands heritage; catwalks from collections past portraying impressive designs.

louis vuitton's series 3 bag

I would say that the success of this exhibition is largely due to its inviting nature. Dubbed the ‘Instagram-friendly exhibit’, one is encouraged to interact with the mannequins – with many revelers snapping selfies with the clotheshorses. In lieu of the usual post-exhibition gift shop you will find a bar, where you can sip on cocktails in your Vuitton surroundings. Free posters and stickers are also given away, leaving you with a momento of your experience.

Furthermore, the entrance to is free – all you have to do is book your slot to confirm your entrance. Cleverly arranged in hourly slots to assure that the rooms won’t get too crowded, you can book a guided or entrance only tour. The former entails a descriptive tour of the exhibition by a staff member. At each room, the context is set for you, and you are given a brief history into the creation, development and success of the brand. The ‘entrance only’ ticket gives you access to the exhibition, and you are free to roam as you please, reading the descriptive paneling dotted around each room to contextualize your surroundings.

I won’t say anymore – but if you want to head on down to have a look for yourself, it’s running until October 18th. Enjoy!