#maybeLDNer – 13/05/16


Posted 13/05/16
By Koray Hussein

It’s Friday and we’ve got yet another classy #maybeLDNer feature for you!

As always, I don’t want to bang on too much at the start of these features as you’re not here for me. You’re here for the photography.

Before we get started we once again must stress that only images uploaded in the last week (since last Friday) will be considered for the competition, regardless of when the hashtag was added. It just makes it easier to judge considering we now have over 104,200 images using #maybeLDNer on Instagram.

Disclaimer: Instagram has been playing up the past few weeks and is telling us that we only received 50 or so new entries in the last two weeks… Judging by the fact that I have to scroll non-stop for a good few minutes to reach last weeks entries, I’d say that’s not exactly accurate. Hopefully this will be sorted by next week so I can give you a proper figure again


1. goldentiffin

A photo posted by @goldentiffin on


2. @reallondonphotos


3. @darkerlight.images


4. @jpr.photos


5. @lensodyssey

A photo posted by Vancouver (@lensodyssey) on

Those are our five picks, we hope you liked them… Ah, who are we kidding? Of course you did. These guys are great. If you haven’t already; drop by our Facebook Twitter and give us a like & a follow. It helps the site out tremendously and we really appreciate it.

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