#maybeLDNer – 25/07/14


Posted 25/07/14
By Koray Hussein

When we first thought up to the idea of these #maybeLDNer features we were slightly worried. What would we do if nobody gave a shit and didn’t use our hashtag? What if (I’m sorry, this genuinely crossed my mind) all the entries are rubbish and we’re sitting there trying to tell our reader’s that this out of focus picture of doorknob is one of our favourite images? Or what if we can never agree on our favourite images?

Thankfully every single one of those worries were quashed once we actually put the idea out there to you guys and each week this #maybeLDNer features grows and gets harder and harder to put together.

Thank you guys for making it what it is and I hope that you continue to show your support by using #maybeLDNer with your amazing shots of London.

Before we get started we once again must stress that only images uploaded in the last week (since last Friday) will be considered for the competition, regardless of when the hashtag was added. It just makes it easier to judge considering there are now over 2300 images using #maybeLDNer on Instagram now.


1. @thecoolcancerian


Ah Covent Garden… There really is no other place like it. This image captured by @thecoolcancerian sums up the area perfectly… Although we’re slightly worried about the view those two kids at the bottom of the image have.

2. @thelostdiary


Our second image is by @thelostdiary and is of London’s world famous Royal Albert Hall. Selective colour may be frowned upon by many but if used correctly (like this one) it can really help the image pop.

3. @machopobre


For our third #maybeLDNer shot we’ve gone for a complete black and white shot by @machopobre which looks like it was shot decades ago. There’s a definite 60’s and 70’s vibe to this.

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4. @emmajcrosby

Do we really need to say why we love this shot by @emmajcrosby? It’s a great shot that draws you right in. Love it.

5. @ms_urbanista

Our fifth and final featured image is by @ms_urbanista and is a reaaaaaaaaally late entrant (being uploaded late Thursday night) which we had to include!

Those are our five picks, we hope you liked them. If you haven’t already; drop by our Facebook Twitter and give us a like & a follow. It helps the site out tremendously and we really appreciate it.