#maybeLDNer – 26/09/14


Posted 26/09/14
By Koray Hussein

Friday’s are a busy day here at Maybe It’s Because and a big part of that is down to the #maybeLDNer feature. This week we’ve got some great images for you by some fresh new faces and some returning ones too.

Scroll on to see the five we settled for.

Before we get started we once again must stress that only images uploaded in the last week (since last Friday) will be considered for the competition, regardless of when the hashtag was added. It just makes it easier to judge considering there are now over 4800 images using #maybeLDNer on Instagram.


1. @misterbarker

The first of our five is this absolutely beautiful shot of the Shard by @misterbarker. It’s not hard to take a beautiful shot of the Shard but couple it with @misterbarker’s framing and gorgeous lighting and you’ve got a winner.

2. @kidcircus

Our only people shot this week comes from one of our favourite ‘grammers @kidricus. Taken at the skatepark on London’s Southbank, this shot of a skater in mid air is one of the best timed shots we’ve featured in weeks.

3. @bodzofficial

The Walkie Talkie takes centre stage for this image by @bodzofficial. We can’t wait for this bad boy to open.

4. @wagg_matt

Bridge? Check. Thames? Check. Double decker bus? Check. Yup, @wagg_matt’s picture is officially the most “London” shot ever.

5. @housebyname

And to finish off this week’s #maybeLDNer feature we have this unique skyline shot by @housebyname. Now that’s a stunning shot of city.

Those are our five picks, we hope you liked them… Ah, who are we kidding? Of course you did. These guys are great. If you haven’t already; drop by our Facebook Twitter and give us a like & a follow. It helps the site out tremendously and we really appreciate it.